#370E: The use of "moral energy" in methods of saving and renewal of marriages in which wives force celibacy on their husbands by denying marital intimacy because they have already replaced the biblical definition of marriage and the wedding vows with the illusion of multimedia and "emotional affairs" thus living with their husbands only as roommates

Introduction to the following items #I1 to #I2 of blog #370E and #I1 to #I4 of the web page "bible.htm": Almost all of us already know that a "pandemic of marital illnesses of the soul" is raging on Earth. It causes divorces, i.e. the death of the role given by God to marriage and the family formed by marrying. In addition to the two parents, its victims are often innocent children whose mental health may be affected by divorce for the rest of their lives. It is about time to look past the conspiracy of silence surrounding this pandemic and start treating it as a threat to the future of our entire civilization, i.e. as a dangerous global pandemic devastating marriage and family, which form the foundations of every country and society. So, to be sure that this is the actual most devastating pandemic, it is enough to compare, for example, the percentage of marriages ending in divorce with the percentage of people dying from the recent "covid-19 pandemic". A
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