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#307E: Does the close similarity of the Polish language to the ULT language used by God and understood/obeyed by counter-matter mean that there may come a time when speaking Polish will be learned by inhabitants of the whole world?

Motto: " The conduct and god-fearfulness of every citizen add its contribution to the situation of his/her nation and country, while on the sum of all such contributions depends whether the land that God gave to this nation and country in custody and in which initially everything was biblically 'very good' will gradually become like the Paradise and the source of happiness of its inhabitants, or it will become similar to a swamp inhabited by gangs of bloodthirsty crocodiles, so that whatever enters in there irrevocably will get bogged and will be devoured or will rot. " An old Polish prophecy which states that " the Polish language will be voluntarily learned and used by all the nations of the world ", was widely repeated by older citizens of Poland . Hence, it for sure was consistent with the collective intuition, knowledge and folk wisdom of the entire nation. However, for me it turned out to be the most difficult to scientific and logical justific