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#359E: Implications of the secret "sabotage loop" ("tamper loop") operating in the microprocessor of every PC and selectively sabotaging human efforts to do good

Summary: In this post #359E to blogs of totalizm and in item #J3 from web page "faq.htm" I present my own definition and explanation for the structure called "sabotage loop", as well as the "circumstantial evidence" (see ) which in my opinion supports the truth and correctness of this definition and explanation, and also confirms the fact of existence of this loop and its secret incorporation into microprocessors for PCs. This "sabotage loop" is able to explain the sources and indicate the authors of the mysterious phenomenon of the anti-human "personality" and the selective attitude towards doing evil in today's modern computers that operate thanks to microprocessors with a logical structure so complicated that it can hide features and capabilities still NOT known by current researchers. For example, this structure may hide the ability to telepathically exchange information a