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#357E: Let's debate "whether" and "why" the command "turn the other cheek" described here, repeated many times in verses of the Bible, results from the principle of "spiritual self-regulation of evil" already operating in everything that God created and manages

Summary: On my web pages and publications for many years I repeatedly explain, that into everything that God does and that God manages, God builds in the spiritual mechanism of the so-called " self-regulation " of bad and good consequences of given situation. How this mechanism works in practice, is explained most simply in [A] from item #C9 of my web page named "nirvana.htm" and in post #351E to blogs of totalizm - using the example of predators and their victims. Namely, if, for example, predators multiply too much and eat too many of their victims, then for many of them there will be no food and they will die of hunger - thus restoring through such self-regulation the required balance between good and evil. The newest explanation of the operation and common existence of this mechanism of self-regulation is summarized at the end of item #J3 and in the "motto" to #J1 of my web page named "korea.htm". In turn to older explanations of this mechan