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#349E: The evidence that light has two carriers, namely (1) corpuscles and (2) surface-waves, and also the truth that waves of light can be technically "wrapped" in space vacuum and even stored and used as energy source - all encoded in the Bible and confirmed by "[Ω] God Stamp"

Summary : in this post #349E I explained the new knowledge about light, previously unknown to people - which knowledge about light has helped us to earn, arrange and confirm with "3 witnesses" my "Theory of Everything of 1985". I also indicated here examples of the most important "three witnesses", the statements of which confirm the truth of this new knowledge. One of these "3 witnesses" are verses from the Bible, which stamp the truth of this outcome of research with the "[Ω] Seal of God" described in item #I2 above and in post #346E to blogs of totalizm. This seal enhances the importance and reliability of the research with the authority and omniscience of our creator. The first and the most important of these findings is that light has two drastically different carriers, namely (1) "light corpuscles" - the role of which is fulfilled by the so-called "God Drobinas" moving with infinite speed throughout the count