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#337E: Free will and how God manages it in order NOT to break it but just to use it for the development of the skeleton of knowledge and truth as well as the perfecting of people and the entire universe

I am sorry to inform here the readers that I have NOT had so far enough time to complete the translation of items #B1, #B2 and #B3 from my web page named "will.htm", from which the results of my research to be presented in this post number #337E (for blogs of totalizm) were to be adopted. The only thing that I have managed to translate so far, are the headings, mottos and captions under the illustrations to these three items - which, however, should give the reader a good understanding of what unique knowledge I have developed and am trying to disseminate in there. So if the reader is interested in this knowledge, then I suggest that the reader himself or herself translates into the language he or she uses the full content of these items #B1, #B2 and #B3, which is already published on the Polish version of the same web page named "will_pl.htm". After all, on the Internet numerous (free) programs are available, with the use of which the reader is able to quickly and