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#304E: WORD reversed (descending) page numbering (supposedly impossible) - instruction and explanation how to program with an already working example and template

Motto: "Everything that is possible to define in our thoughts, is also possible to accomplish in the physical reality - we only have to contribute the appropriate hard work and wisdom to find a way of accomplishing it" (disclosure of the philosophy of totalizm) In today's world, increasingly greater emphasis is placed on speed and convenience. For example, in order to find the latest information as quickly and as conveniently as possible, instead of using the previously traditional way of adding every new message to the end of given document, nowadays such a new message is added to the beginning of document - as for example this is currently practiced in the so-called internet "blogs". However, adding a new message to the beginning of the document raises the problem with page numbering. After all, if a given document has its own " list of content ", and its pages are numbered in the traditional way (i.e. ascending, from the first to the last), t