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#354E: How 12 "[Ω] God Stamps" from the Bible confirm the truth of my discoveries and rectify distortions of fundamental theories of our "official atheistic science" as well as correct errors of its results of research

Summary: In this post #354E I compiled summaries of essences of 12 truths discovered solely due to my research, although confirmed for thousands of years with the " [Ω] God Stamp " wisely encoded into verses of the Bible. These truths constitute only a fragment of a large number of all truths that I discovered due to indications from my "Theory of Everything of 1985". Out of all these truths that I have already discovered, for listing here I have selected only 12 ones about which I believe that they are the most fundamental for the knowledge that builds the progress and development of humanity. All 12 truths listed here belong to a large group of truths which God decided NOT to explain openly and in detail in the Bible (e.g. in the manner in which the Bible teaches us simply and understandably that God created the entire our world of matter as well as people and all living creatures, or as it teaches us the importance that the obeying of "10 commandments of G