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#312E: My subjective evidence which empirically confirms old claims of folk wisdom that in elderly people time is elapsing increasingly faster

Motto: "Whenever there is a collision between the views of 'official atheistic science' and the empirical experience contained in the so-called 'folk wisdom', then always in the final count it turns out that the truth about the reality that surrounds us is hidden in that 'folk wisdom', while the views of 'official atheistic science' represent just a collection of lies, misleading, deceptions and 'armchair theories'."

The folk wisdom has stated for many centuries that in people of senior ages, time passes increasingly faster than in young people. At the same time I myself have reached a few years ago this unique age in which for some important reasons (I believe that, among others, to enrich the range of life experiences), God has begun to significantly increase the speed of my time elapse. As a professionally well-trained engineer, who once mastered to perfection the subjective ability (i.e. "the ability to judge by eyes or by other senses") to estimate dimensions, speed, weight, temperature, time elapse, etc., with growing shock I am now able to assess that: in 2019 the speed of my time elapse has already reached such a significant acceleration compared to the speed that I still remember from my recent past, that my subjective comparisons allow me to estimate my time now passing at a rate of about 70% faster than the speed at which it passed in times of my youth. In other words, if for a sample of any 100% of my time we take any time period defined physically by human clocks (e.g. we take 10 clock hours), then in times of my youth I experienced that I live, feel and am aware of the reality surrounding me, for all that 100% of the time (e.g. for all that 10 hours). Meanwhile, at present, i.e. in 2019, in the case of the same 100% of time elapse (e.g. the same 10 clock hours), my awareness of life, feelings and work of the reality surrounding me decreased to the equivalent of only about 30% (i.e. to around 3 clock hours), while the remaining 70% of that time (i.e. the remaining 7 clock hours) as if completely ceased to exist for me, or as if I did NOT exist during that time. Indeed, God fills our lives with thousands of surprises and puzzling events.

Of course, as a scientist and engineer well trained in noticing of whatever typically escapes the attention of other people, I am able to identify and to record in a number of different empirical ways various manifestations of that disappearance of about 70% of my clock time (i.e. manifestations of that estimated 70% acceleration in the speed of elapse of my time). Let us list here the most important among these ways:

(1) The subjective perception with my senses the speed of driving as being approximately 70% higher than the value indicated by the car's "speedometer". Thus, when I am currently in a driving car, for example, in the area which has a speed limit of 50 [km/h], and I see that just this speed is displayed by the car's "speedometer", then while looking outside of window, this speed subjectively appears to me like it used to appear in times of my youth when driving, for example, at a speed of around 120 [km/h]. So only now I am just beginning to understand why in years of my youth while seeing a car dragging with the speed of a turtle - after I was overtaking it I always was noticing that the driver was a person probably of over 70 years old.

(2) Almost threefold fall in the hourly efficiency of my research work. For example, when I start researching, then activities that in past on average would occupy me, for example, about an hour or so, currently on average eat almost three hours of my time. And it must be remembered that my knowledge, life experience, and the skills of effective researching, have in the meantime only improved - hence logically, instead of eating increasingly more of my time, achieving my goals in research should take increasingly shorter time.

(3) More than double my energy depletion during an hourly work. At the same time, in spite of acting in a so slow way as I described it in the previous point (2), still after doing work for example during 3 consecutive clock hours, my body achieves such a high level of exhaustion with work and effort, the achievement of which used to be (i.e. in times of my youth) only after a 10-hour day of continuous work.

(4) Subjective feeling of ambient temperature as significantly lower than its real value indicated by thermometers. Ordinary engineering logic suggests that when time passes faster, while the laws governing the absorption of heat through the body do NOT change, then suddenly everywhere we must feel the dominance of temperatures much less positive (i.e. colder) than those indicated by thermometers. The fact that with the increase in the difference between the speed of passage of time for the source of heat and for the human body the absorption of heat by the human body is reduced, I discovered empirically during times of my professorship in Kuala Lumpur. However, it is only now that I am beginning to perceive the manifestation of it with my physical body. In Kuala Lumpur, I have had numerous opportunities to watch people who walked with bare feet on red-hot coals - examples of the photographs that I took then are showed in "Fig. #E3ab" from the web page named "soul_proof.htm". Although for my eyes and body, these red-hot coals were so hot that I could get near them with only a great difficulty and only for a short while, my photo-camera always documented them as almost cold - for which fact the only rational explanation was that there had a place undetectable to the senses of people, a change in the speed of the passage of time (i.e. either the passage of time in burning coals was slowed down in there, or the passage of time for people marching on these coals was significantly accelerated in there).

(5) Almost threefold increase in the "weight" of objects which the previous weight I well remember. If one considers mathematical equations for acceleration and for weight of objects, then it turns out that the main difference between them is one constant representing the "mass" (after all, "weight" is "mass" times "acceleration"). Knowing this mathematical interdependence, it is no wonder that accelerating the speed of my time elapse by around 70% results in a similar increase in the weight of objects that I previously remembered. So how are we all wrong when hearing the complaints of older people that "in today's times everything gained so heavy weight" in the secret of own spirit, we tell ourselves that it is only because their muscles weakened so much. In fact, since their time has accelerated, also the weight of all objects is much heavier for them than it was at the previous speed of their elapse of time. Only that because the official atheistic science does NOT want to recognize the existence of "reversible software time", hence it also has no access to mathematical models that would allow it to estimate the objective changes in the weight of objects caused by the change in the speed of time elapse.

(6) Tone refinement of heard sounds, music and songs. The increase in speed of the passage of my time has also changed the tone of the sounds that I hear. These sounds became more "alive" and "juicy". This especially affected the quality of the music I listen to. Since 2014 (i.e. since I began to notice significant changes in the speed of the passage of my time), I am programming and refining the content of a whole range of internet "playlists" with my favourite songs. (As I believe, at that time I was deliberately inspired to create them so that I could notice changes in the subjective perception of music - for details see item #J5 from my web page named "petone.htm".) I myself programmed these "playlists" to facilitate listening to the favourite music on my "smart" TV set from the Korean company LG - but one can also run them on PCs, on which I originally program them. All these my "playlists" the reader can run and listen to from the "menu" placed near the end of my two "starting playlists" with the names "p_e.htm" (in English, available e.g. at ) and "p_l.htm" (in Polish, available e.g. at ). What is even more interesting, when formulating these "playlists", I noticed that as the speed of the passage of my time increases, the sound quality of music (and hence the pleasure of listening to it) quickly changes. Some songs, which I liked a lot many years ago, now start to sound boring and sometimes unpleasant. On the other hand, increasingly more beautifully sound for me songs to which I did NOT pay much attention before. An example of one such song, the listening to which I still liked very much around 10 years ago, while currently which I subjectively perceive the opposite way, is the song "(You Drive Me) Crazy" - which for the reasons of scientific rectitude as well as for further research and comparisons, I purposefully left available on my playlist named "p_12fm.htm" (available e.g. at ).

(7) "Garishness" of the colours that I am viewing. Since the time when the speed of the passage of my time is accelerating, at the same time I am noticing the increase in the intensity and garishness of colours of everything that in good lighting I see with my own eyes. All the colours began to be increasingly more vivid, full, intense and more saturated. If I compared the current shades of colours that I see in present times, with those that I remember from the old days, then I could say that in the past everything looked like it was more "faded", while now the colours are significantly more intense. The differences are approximately like comparing old colour photos taken on East German photographic material - in communist Poland available under the name "ORWO", with colourful photographs taken on photographic materials, e.g. "Kodak".

(8) A noticeable decrease in the amount of light reaching my eyes. When I have to read or do something precise that requires good lighting, then I am finding out that for my eyes what I am trying to read or do is too dimly lit to be able to decipher or do it correctly - despite that just prevail the lighting conditions which previously allowed me excellent reading and distinguishing details. So in order to read or do anything requiring good visibility of details I am forced to increase the intensity of lighting to a level about which I remember that in past such a light would be too bright for my eyes. Of course, knowing the scepticism of today's people hardened in their beliefs, I know that this drastic decrease in the amount of light reaching my eyes will be explained by the deterioration of health and sensitivity of my vision, caused by biological changes resulting from aging. However, being a scientist and an engineer, I am also fully aware that when the passage of time accelerates, and the speed of light does NOT change, then much less light must reach the same eyes than it did when the time passed at NOT accelerated speed. Furthermore, knowing well the current state of health and efficiency of my own eyes, I am aware that the level of their biological deterioration is several times smaller than the value of quantitative decrease in the intensity of light reaching my eyes.

(9) More than four times longer time of self-healing of my illnesses. When I was young, my body was completely self-healing for example a "standard" flu in duration of just a single week. Meanwhile, about 4 weeks ago, my wife brought home the flu that I caught from her, and after 4 weeks I still was NOT recovered completely from it. The same was true for all the other ailments and illnesses about which I remember that I have been afflicted with them in the present times of a significant increase in the speed of the passage of my time. Of course, I realize that in people of old age the resistance of bodies to illnesses is gradually disappearing. However, logic and scientific experience also tell me that in this over 4-fold increase in the duration of treatment of "standard" flu must hide much more than just a decrease in the body's resistance. After all, the body needs to put in a certain amount of work to recover and does it with a certain constant speed - which also takes a certain amount of its own time. However, if its time begins to flow faster, then the specified amount of time must take up a greater number of clock hours and calendar days. In my opinion, one of the components of the cause-and-effect chain of this prolonged period of self-healing of my illnesses and ailments (including my latest "standard" flu) is the described here around 70% faster speed of elapse of my time.

The curiosity of all the above manifestations of the acceleration of the passage of my time, which I noticed and here am reporting, is that they are all physically coherent with each other. In addition, they are simultaneously consistent with how the only real Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains the work of "reversible software time" in which people age and which can also be used to build "Time Vehicles" able to give us immortality by shifting people back to years of their youth each time they reach an old age - for details see descriptions from my monograph [12] (in the Polish language only, available e.g. at ). In turn such a big difference in the manifestations of the speed of the current elapse of my time, in comparison with the speed of this time passage that I remember well from years of my youth, creates a whole range of effects worth observing and examining. Honestly, I am extremely grateful to God for letting me experience the results of accelerating the passage of my time. Since I can describe here these results for the use of future people, there are several scientific benefits that arise from this my experience. For example, even without having access to Time Vehicles the principles of operation of which I invented, still I am able to explain to today's people and to future users of these vehicles how they are to perceive and feel in situations when our time is accelerated. Through a simple reversal of the effects described here in the opposite direction, my descriptions allow also to deduce how it will feel and perceive situations when someone's passing of time will be significantly slowed down - which information may already help some so-called "UFO abductees" in getting to understand better their extraordinary experiences. Another socially significant benefit boils down to the possibility of anticipating the escalation of the number of "non-existent illnesses" that some among today's greedy psychologists and medics are constantly inventing and attributing to many people – most of whom, if there was a strict and correct "definition that qualifies people" to the category of "healthy" or "sick", probably would be qualified to the "healthy" category. In many cases, the purpose of inventing these illnesses is to persuade people to take treatment in increasingly more expensive clinics. Until now, medics have invented so many different illnesses that to every inhabitant of the Earth they are able to assign any number of them. Interestingly, for the treatment of many of these illnesses, medics and psychologists only use today's erroneous materialistic methods, which in item #F11 of my web page named "soul_proof.htm" can be compared to attempts to repair "computer software" with the help of only "screwdrivers and soldering irons". Let us hope that my explanation here, that this is only natural acceleration of the passage of time in older people which causes the above-described manifestations (and other related manifestations), will be able to prevent the deceitful persuading people by various immoral medics or psychologists, that these manifestations are next such forcefully invented imaginary "modern diseases" from which everyone supposedly should be treated in increasingly more expensive modern clinics. At the same time, this explanation perhaps may draw the attention of readers to the information contained in the Bible, which assures us that the actual our healing is always done by the One who created us and hence who knows the sequence number and health of each our hair, as well as knows the function and correct work of each cells of our body - means by our God. It is just that in order to NOT break our "free will", e.g. by an open demonstration of a miracle, God always our cure makes in a manner consistent with our actions, views, habits and rules of conduct (for details see item #C2 on the web page named "tornado.htm").

Because the scientific and philosophical foundations of today's "official atheistic science and medicine" are based on this erroneous assumption that the speed of time passage for us is constant and can NOT change, hence today's "official atheistic science" has neither mathematical models nor tools that would allow to explain, or at least just estimate, how great are the changes in the rate of elapse of time in older people, recorded empirically and reported by folk knowledge. In addition, the official atheistic science ignores and ridicules all empirical premises that DO NOT agree with its distorted foundations. Since the mathematical formulas of official atheistic science were developed with the erroneous assumption that the rate of passage of time is constant, for the changeable speed of passage of time all models of the official atheistic science are losing their validity. The only thing that the official atheistic science is able to do and that it actually does, is to use the "most universal tool of official atheistic science", that is, to use its eternal method of firmly "denying" everything - in this case denying that such a thing as changing the speed of elapse of time in the elderly people exists objectively. So it is fortunate that we already have my "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", because it begins to introduce some truth to the whole this scientific carousel of continual official denying, deception and lying to people.

In items #D1 and #D2 from the web page named "immortality.htm", and also in post #160E to blogs of totalizm (published also, among others, in "volume X" of my publication [13] available via my web page named "tekst_13.htm"), many years ago I described the experiment that I developed myself, which allows for the empirical determination of how high for individual people (and for ages of people) is the speed of elapse of their "reversible software time". From my checks it follows that the speed of time elapse is individually and differently chosen for each individual person - for example, the acceleration of my wife's time is much lower than mine, because if I calculate it for my present age, it amounts to even less than around 40% of the elapsed clock time (compared to approximately 70% of mine). Unfortunately, to perform that earlier experiment, the right equipment is needed. On the other hand, my frequent experiencing of the "subjective" perception of the car's speed at present, in comparison to the objective value of this speed valid for situations when the speed of elapse of time is not accelerated yet, suggests another, much simpler for completion empirical experiment that almost every inquisitive reader can carry out significantly easier. This is because it allows to just take an older person to our car (i.e. to take a person at least over the age of 70 - but the older the better), about whom we know that due to the past experience this person has recorded in his/her own memory a visual evaluation of the speed of the ride (e.g. take to car a former driver). Then, driving, for example, with this "urban" speed of 50 [km/h], propose to that person that he/she tries to guess how fast the car is riding. The approximate speed estimation given by him/her will therefore be a subjective quantitative indicator of the percentage value to which time elapse has been accelerated for this particular older person. Good luck with this experiment which is opening eyes to the truth - and thus which suddenly allows us to understand many phenomena witnessed by us in everyday life in relation to older people. (Therefore allows us also to approach increasingly more sympathetically to the assertions and behaviours of older people, and at the same time approach increasingly less tolerant to lies and deception that the institution of official atheistic science insistently forces upon us.)

All these my personal experiences with the new and previously unknown to me meaning, which in addition run against what implies the present state of knowledge of the "official atheistic science", quite unequivocally persuade that in the near future I should devote to exploring them one of the next topics of my research and descriptive presentations. After all, although folk wisdom has for centuries already stated that in the older age time passes much faster than in times of youth, at the same time I practically did NOT come across any descriptions of the quantitative results of comparative research in this matter. On the other hand, my result of around 70% higher acceleration of the passage of my time is shockingly large. It is NOT without reason that history also teaches us what I tried to express in the motto to this post, namely that whenever there is a collision between the speculative knowledge of "official atheistic science" and "folk wisdom" based on empirical experience, then it always turns out in the final count that on the side of truth is only the "folk wisdom". After all, the philosophical and scientific foundations of the old official atheistic science are anchoring all their statements on the completely erroneous assumption that the gravitational field is supposedly a monopolar field (i.e. is a field similar to electric fields and to pressure fields). On the other hand my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, developed in 1985, tens of years ago formally proved that the gravitational field is actually a dipolar field similar to magnetic fields, means to a field with both its inlet pole "I" and its outlet pole "O". No wonder then that the foundations professed by the "official atheistic science" also wrongly imply that an objective change in the speed of time elapse in old age is completely impossible. After all, if one insists on monopolar gravity, then there is NO way how could exist this other intelligent counter-world, from the substance of which God was able to build His "Omniplan" - means to build that software structure that executes the control over the "reversible software time" in which people get aged. So it is worth to start sharing and making people aware of the fact that the phenomena described here are NOT just a delusion, impression or psychological trick, but a physical certainty resulting from the factual principles of work of the "reversible software time" in which all people get aged, and the work of which I described on many of my web pages - e.g. see the web page "immortality.htm". Because at the same time from my experiences and theories result clear guidelines on how to estimate this phenomenon quantitatively, it is worth disclosing for this fact the quantitative estimates to which I have arrived, and also it is worth to explain this simple experiment which I use and which to the insightful reader will also allow an easy determination as to where the truth lies and how it looks like quantitatively.

Of course, the explained above (a) the basing of the scientific and philosophical foundations of the entire official atheistic science on an unverified assumption about the monopolar nature of the gravitational field is NOT the only cardinal "sin", for the committing of which allows the impunity of the absolute monopoly of that science. To numerous further sins of the official atheistic science belong also: (b) "suppressing of the just emerging competition" that takes the form of the described e.g. in items #C1, #C2 and #C3 of my web page named "telekinetics.htm" the blocking of development of the new and one-person strong the "totaliztic science" based on the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", (c) avoiding the researching of "verifiable" topics (e.g. increasingly frequent recourse to unverifiable research topics such as the "big bang", "cosmic black holes", micro-particles, gene modifications, expeditions to Mars, etc. - the correctness, the benefits to humanity, and the lack of highly undesirable effects of which almost nobody is able to verify today), (d) avoiding of taking responsibility for the consequences of own actions (e.g. for the subsequent escape of GM organisms - as this was the case with corn or rice, for overproduction of plastics, for lack of the factory production of "perpetual motion" propelling devices - see my web page "free_energy_en.htm", etc.), (e) "neglecting" the adverse consequences of products of own research, (f) ignoring history lessons and repeating the mistakes of own predecessors, (g) neglecting the safety and future of the fellow human beings, (h) introducing improvements "along the line of greatest error", (i) undertaking research before refining the "definitions that classify" these research to one of the two most important categories (i.e. definitions that classify them either, for example, to the category of "beneficial" for humanity, or "destructive" for humanity), and yet several other sins. I am particularly worried about this "sin (i)" of official atheistic science. After all, by observing life and conducting research for already many thousands of years, humanity has accumulated so-far enough empirical information, laws, trends, cause and effect relations, etc., to be able for each human problem and research topic firstly develop a definition that qualifies it to one of two major categories - which could be called "allowed" or "forbidden". For example, even a single "totaliztic scientist" (i.e. myself) is able to develop such definitions for more important areas of his research. Meanwhile, for example, all the current costly institutions of official atheistic medicine and pharmacy still have NOT developed a definition that would allow any person to be clearly classified in any of these two basic categories, i.e. either in the category of "ill person" and hence requiring treatment, or into the category "healthy person" and hence NOT requiring treatment. Similarly it is with many other research - for example, whether their conducting and results work toward benefit of humanity (and hence should be conducted) or toward the detriment of humanity (and thus they should never be started).

I am well aware of my own human imperfections, my potential to make mistakes, my difficulty of expressing in today's inaccurate language of profound absolute truths, limitations of my research capabilities - when all my single-person "totaliztic science" is forced to rely solely on my private time, financing, knowledge, experience, etc. So I consider it a great honour and grace that thanks to my Concept of Dipolar Gravity I managed to detect the cardinal error of the scientific and philosophical foundations of today's official atheistic science - which takes form of the consequences of stubborn assuming (without any scientific verification) that gravity supposedly is a monopolar field. The point is that in monopolar gravity, the whole universe would have to be contained in the same physical space of the homogeneous attributes - means in such a homogeneous space there would be NO place for God nor for other spiritual beings with a consistency different from our physical bodies. (Some devastating consequences of this old and shockingly erroneous scientific assumption of the "official atheistic science", including the increasingly stronger official denunciation of God by the institution of this science, reveal, among others, descriptions presented in item #F11 from my web page named "soul_proof.htm", and in publications linked from there.) As a result of my discovery of this cardinal error in the scientific and philosophical foundations of official atheistic science, I can now fulfil my scientific duty expressed in information (and in warning) from the logo of totalizm, which states that "knowledge is responsibility". So with my humble capabilities and means I have been trying for years to correct the misleading claims resulting from the supposed monopolarity of the gravitational field, which irresponsibly disseminates the official atheistic science from the position of its authority - thus how only I can, I try to reveal to people the truth about the dipolar nature of the gravitational field and the compatibility of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity with manifestations of the reality surrounding us and with the fact of God's existence. In this way, I hope to minimize the harmfulness of official scientific claims that irresponsibly turn into "atheists" increasingly more today people - as a result, probably condemning many of them to perpetual damnation. I am also intrigued by the question, how is it possible that many of today's "luminaries of science" choose to consciously add their contribution to building power, authority, monopoly and the rule of today's official atheistic science, and to block the knowledge of truths discovered due to my Concept of Dipolar Gravity? After all, this official science increasingly openly renounces God and uncritically and authoritatively disseminates statements based on scientifically erroneous thinking that directly undermine such important truth and knowledge as the one about existence and about the authority of God. These are also the claims of "luminaries of science" that directly contribute to the reduction of the chance of salvation in people who are recipients of these misleading and irresponsible statements of the official science. So what motivates them to probably the spiritual suicide of ignoring the biblical warnings, of the type easily readable and understood by every person in verse 23:13 from the biblical "Matthew" - I quote from the "Good News Bible" (in other Bibles it is expressed with slightly different words): "How terrible for you, teachers of the Law and Pharisees! You hypocrites! You lock the door to the Kingdom of heaven in people's faces, but you yourselves don't go in, nor do you allow in those who are trying to enter!"

Copyrights © 2019 by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk

* * *

The above post #312E is an adaptation of item #L3 from my web page named "oscillatory_chamber.htm" (updated on 15th of August 2019, or later). Thus, the reading of the above descriptions would be even more effective from the web page "oscillatory_chamber.htm" (or from "volume T" of my publication [13] - see the web page "tekst_13.htm"), than from this post - after all e.g. on the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, important texts are highlighted with colours, the descriptions are supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The most recent update of the web page "oscillatory_chamber.htm" can be viewed, amongst others, through addresses:

(*) Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including all the above web addresses, should contain all totaliztic (my) web pages - including all the web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any totaliztic (my) web page that interests the reader, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses, the web page name "oscillatory_chamber.htm" is changed into the name of web page which one wishes to see. For example, in order to see the web page named "immortality.htm" e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address , it is enough that instead of this address in the window of an internet browser one writes e.g. the address .

It is worth to know as well, that almost each new topic that I am researching on principles of my "scientific hobby" with "a priori" approach of the new "totaliztic science", including this one, is published in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #312E). So far 8 such blogs ware created and maintained. At the moment only three out of these 8 blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new "totaliztic science" and of the moral philosophy of totalizm. These three blogs of totalizm still available can be viewed at following internet addresses: (or )
Fortunately, the deletion of oldest blogs of totalizm has NOT erased their content. This is because as from 30 October 2018, all (i.e. currently as many as 312) posts to blogs of totalizm (almost half of which are in two languages, i.e.: in Polish and English) are also published in an electronic "book-like" volumes marked [13] and available in safe PDF format and in two print sizes (i.e. large 20pt and normal 12pt) from the web page named "tekst_13.htm", available on all addresses indicated above (i.e. addresses finished on ).

With the totaliztic salute,
Dr Eng. Jan Pająk


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