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#370E: The use of "moral energy" in methods of saving and renewal of marriages in which wives force celibacy on their husbands by denying marital intimacy because they have already replaced the biblical definition of marriage and the wedding vows with the illusion of multimedia and "emotional affairs" thus living with their husbands only as roommates

Introduction to the following items #I1 to #I2 of blog #370E and #I1 to #I4 of the web page "bible.htm": Almost all of us already know that a "pandemic of marital illnesses of the soul" is raging on Earth. It causes divorces, i.e. the death of the role given by God to marriage and the family formed by marrying. In addition to the two parents, its victims are often innocent children whose mental health may be affected by divorce for the rest of their lives. It is about time to look past the conspiracy of silence surrounding this pandemic and start treating it as a threat to the future of our entire civilization, i.e. as a dangerous global pandemic devastating marriage and family, which form the foundations of every country and society. So, to be sure that this is the actual most devastating pandemic, it is enough to compare, for example, the percentage of marriages ending in divorce with the percentage of people dying from the recent "covid-19 pandemic". After all, in the case of divorces, it is already said that about 40% of marriages are affected by this pandemic and are to be divorced, and it must be remembered that this percentage is constantly growing. Meanwhile, about the "covid-19" pandemic I have NOT found yet a publication stating that died because of it more than about 4% of people - even from the most affected country of the world. (So in the "pandemic of marital illnesses of the soul" dies around 10 times more marriages than in covid-18 pandemic.) Unfortunately, there are many reasons why the dangerous "pandemic of marital illnesses of the soul" is still not officially heard at all, e.g. consider the role of the creative impotence of the expensive monopoly of the "official atheistic science", which, while advising and motivating the authorities and politicians, is still NOT able to recommend a truly effective method of preventing divorce and healing this pandemic. Simultaneously we also know, because the today's life has already revealed this to all of us, that if any behaviour of people is contrary to the commandments and requirements - the voluntary fulfilment of which God wisely requires from us, constantly checks, and precisely describes in the Bible, then this behaviour certainly does NOT pass the life test, and thus it will catastrophically harm those who implement it and the situation will improve only if it is replaced by another one. Therefore, only actions that fulfil all the commandments and requirements of God wisely described in the Bible turn out to be lasting, beneficial for people and effective in life. Examples of actions that are already revealing to us their catastrophic consequences for people, turn out to be practically everything that today's elites and decision-makers, ruled by the "powers of evil", forcefully impose on humanity and maintain in force. So only from the most common problems of humanity which the author has already researched, these examples include e.g.: the continuation of the use of money (instead of "nirvana" - see ) to reward work by today's political systems; research results disseminated by the monopoly of the "official atheistic science" and rewarding departure from the truth and lying to general public; space exploration with primitive rockets that destroy the Earth's resources while blocking knowledge about the construction and operation of infinitely fast starships "Magnocraft" of my invention - see ; the justice system that sentences people to prison or executions instead of practicing the "deprivation of privileges" that effectively rehabilitates criminals and that is used by God for thousands of years while described in the Bible - see #I5 of the web page "bandits.htm"; current robbery of husbands by wives, among others, from the assigned to men by God authority of being the head of the family; etc., etc. The most harmful to humanity among these actions, in my opinion, are today's marriages ruled by wives, which have catastrophically deviated from their definition in the Bible, thus also from the requirements of God that they are supposed to meet. Instead of being a base of true love lasting until death, and providing the foundations for building a future increasingly moral and happier humanity, the growing number of today's married couples practicing "modern cohabitation distorted by claims of today's official atheistic science". This, due to departure of such marriages from the definition in the Bible, encourages wives to take the power over husbands by denying of intimacy - in which power taking the wives body serve as weapons and as tools for torturing husbands (see ) thus forcing celibacy on husbands. This turns the intimacy of married life into cohabitation only on the terms roommates (see ), and thereby inducing today's global pandemic of emotional and bodily infidelities and divorces (see ?search_query=emotional+affair ). Subsequently the intended loving lives of two people created by God as "living souls" of representatives of opposite sexes, such behaviour of wives turns into a kind of vestibule of hell and a school of mutual deception, lying, complaining, chaos, fighting, betrayal, jealousy, uncertainty, living on principles alien to each other (or even hostile) asexual roommates, etc. What is even worse, today's "luminaries of science", who for almost 30 years have been rejecting my discovery and knowledge about the existence and operation of intelligent "moral energy" that can heal this catastrophic situation of marital pandemic, are NOT able to indicate an effectively operating methods to prevent the breakdown of today's marriages and to hold back the increasing number of divorces. Meanwhile such a method was developed by me and already exists while below in engineering way of step by step I describe my advice on "how" one can try to implement it in his/her life and marriage. It is based on the generation of intelligent "moral energy", most widely known for millennia under its Chinese name "chi". About my completely independent from "chi" accomplishment of the scientific discovery of the actual existence and operation of this miraculous energy, the human "official atheistic science" controlled by the "powers of evil" does NOT want to know, and thus secretly sabotages my publications describing this intelligent energy and methods of generating it, as well as ways of using the effects of its operation that border on miracles. Meanwhile, for thousands of years, the Bible with divine foresight and precision has defined what the marriage of two software-immortal human "living souls" is, breathed into the bodies of a man and a woman for a period of at most 120 years - e.g. see verses 7:3-5 from "1 Corinthians" in the Bible. After all, being our creator and teacher, God knows the best that this announced in verses 2:18-20 from the biblical "Book of Genesis" the marriage of the "male living soul" – the goal of which is adding to the perfection of the world, with the subtracting "female living soul" which supposed to serve as a helper and companion of male soul, will require acquiring a moral habit of resisting a whole range of various temptations and overcoming many encountered obstacles - see e.g. verse 10:13 from "1 Corinthians" in the Bible. So for very important reasons described in blog #211E and in #B2 of the web page "antichrist.htm", women's souls have subtractive natures, which are the exact opposite to the adding nature of male souls - just as this is explained to us by the features of "God Drobinas" in memories of which are stored living programs of human souls, described in items #K2 and #K1 from my web page named "god_exists.htm" and from posts #326E and #325E to blogs of totalizm at addresses given in item #Z5 of the web page "bible.htm" (all posts to blogs totalizm, available in Polish and English, are also published in my book-like publication [13] distributed for free in PDF via the web page "tekst_13.htm"). My research also suggests that after the first period of the first marriage lasting about 7 years, the subtractive nature of souls of today's wives and by then already increased the "emptiness" in their souls caused by the lack of intelligent "moral energy" which is not generated by present women but is constantly circulating through and out of their souls, initiates "illnesses of souls" which cause various mentally immature actions aimed at destroying and punishing their husbands. Nowadays these actions usually lead to the first divorce - e.g. see 9:24 minute video "Women: it's our emptiness" distributed from . This first divorce in turn destroys the further lives of such women. Meanwhile, the powerful monopolies of the Internet and the "official atheistic science", managed by the "powers of evil", still stubbornly hide from people that for over a quarter of a century there has been known a method of filling this "emptiness in souls" with "moral energy" and thus eliminating the consequences of the devastating behaviour of wives with the subtractive nature of their souls. This method in engineering terms "how" is described below in items #I1 to #I2, while further elaborated in #I1 to #I4 from the web page named "bible.htm". Unfortunately, due to the to-date and also current blocking of human access to the truth about this method, the actions of wives in 2024 led to more and more divorces, approximately as many as 80% of which were initiated by women at that time. Notice that the descriptions from items #I1 to #I4 of the web page "bible.htm" and in #I1 to #I2 of this blog #370E, are a continuation of a longer series of my research, as well as blogs that I systematically prepare on the basis of the results of my research, in order to make interested readers aware of the existence of a whole range of methods for repairing problems of humanity causing the constantly deteriorating situation of our civilization and the Earth, i.e. methods that I have personally developed and disseminated. After all, unfortunately, the monopoly of the "official atheistic science" secretly managed by the "powers of evil" stubbornly refuses to find an effective solution to these problems. All my methods are based on the truths of the Bible and scientifically and philosophically their correctness is confirmed by the findings of my Theory of Everything from 1985 (see the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm") and my Philosophy of Totalizm from 1985 (see the web page "totalizm.htm"). Also empirically their correctness is confirmed by publicly available evidence, which I diligently cite in each of my research and which readers can check for themselves. Examples of this evidence confirming the correctness of my method of saving marriages by generating "moral energy" can also be found in the ATTENTION note from the almost final paragraph before Videos #I1xyz below. This research, which explains my method of "moral energy" for saving spiritually oriented marriages from collapse and divorce, is the latest in a long list of solutions to the problems with which the "powers of evil" plague and destroy today's marriages. I initiated the topic of the "destruction of marriages" back in July 2011 with my publication explaining the devastating consequences of the "women's marriage monopoly" - described in item #J2.2.2 from the web page "morals.htm", and partly also in the old post #203E to blogs of totalizm. After several other such publications to which links my web page "skorowidz.htm" and the "table of contents" to my book-like collection [13] distributed free of charge in PDF format via "tekst_13.htm", in November 2023, for the topic of "destruction of marriages" I also published post #365E to the blogs of totalizm and items #V1 to #V3 of the web page "humanity.htm" - which opens your eyes to the "destructive trends of today's marriages", for example to: hookup culture, narcissism, etc.

#I1. So while knowing that on Earth just rages the socially extremely destructive "pandemic of marriage soul illnesses", let us explain here in an engineering way "how and why" to married couples who believe in God and the truth of the Bible, which couples in today's times of sexual exploitation and debauchery are looking for a method of remaining in mutual love and fidelity ordered by God, that the intentional generation of "moral energy" also by the wife creates a method of saving from divorce or from marital life without intimacy and intercourses (i.e. from the marriage that ruins the health of the bodies and souls of both spouses, in which the wife usually "closes her legs for her husband" and thus, instead of the full coexistence of a timelessly loving married couple, she turns the marriage into just living together with each other as if two complete strangers or even hostile roommates) - which method adapts to their situation and personal characteristics and at the same time allows them to fulfil the biblical definition of "marriage", both through the actions of the wife and the actions of the husband, and which also illustrates to husband and wife the method of achieving even a higher level of happiness resulting from their knowledge of ways of earning for themselves the wonderful phenomenon of totaliztic nirvana:

Motto: "True and timeless love between a man and a woman really does exist - although like everything else it is also burdened with typical human imperfections - but experiencing such true and timeless love is only possible in the first marriage in which both spouses pedantically fulfil the commandments, requirements and definition of marriage given in verses of the Bible" (this is why it is worth opposing the temptations and lies with which the "powers of evil" using bribery, fraud and violence are already openly fighting the truths disseminated by God in the Bible, forcefully blocking these truths from people who are submissive to them, with the use money and advanced devices of telepathy and remote hypnosis - as I have been describing it for a long time in blogs #359E to #369E and in the results of research to which these blogs refer).

I wonder whether the reader has noticed from today's life that surrounds him/her, that with the passage of time increasingly more destruction instead of benefits is caused on Earth by absolutely all the human actions that violate the commandments and requirements of God most precisely defined and explained in verses from the Bible. Have the reader also noticed that these actions are invented and persistently implemented by these human elites who cooperate with the "powers of evil" in order to achieve various immediate benefits. This gradual increase in destruction instead of benefits, is always turning against countries, nations, cities, influential families and individual people who invented these actions and despite warnings from the Bible, persistently implement them in order to serve the "powers of evil" instead of remaining obedient to God, as a final result irrevocably causing the fall and disappearance of these countries, nations, cities, influential families and individual people turning against God - just as this turning against its human creators of all the effects of anti-God's actions I explained in more detail in post #369E to the blogs of totalizm and in #N1 to #N3 from the web page named "newzealand_visit.htm". The reason for this decline and disappearance is that everything that does NOT include the timeless and unambiguously expressed in the Bible commandments and requirements of God, with the passage of time grows into more and more imperfections, distortions, evil and interpretations that are contrary to the content of the Bible. These, in turn, cause that as the greed of people increases and they derive selfish benefits from it, these actions cause more and more harm and destruction, instead of good. Hence either they must be replaced by something based on different principles (at best based on God's commandments and requirements), or they completely collapse, die and cease to exist.

Examples of what I only have so far carefully examined in order to detect the reasons and mechanisms for its growth into evil, and then I have developed and I indicate for them in my research results of the empirically proven methods of this repair and improvement (searched for using the index from my Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm"), include, among others: [1] political systems and states forgetting God's commandments; [2] the "official atheistic science" which lies to humanity and with its monopoly on universal education also keeps convincing people that there is NO God (in spite of the fact that since 1985 I have developed and published a whole series of scientifically irrefutable formal proofs that God undeniably exists and has a truly "iron hand" in managing our entire "world of matter" - these formal proofs are indicated e.g. in blog #135E and in #G2 and #G3 from the web page "god_proof.htm"), while the effects of the current lies of the "official atheistic science" hidden in the skin of alleged its "achievements" thus increasingly more devastating to those who believed in this science and disobeyed God, now are increasingly manifesting themselves in murderous wars, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, landslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.; [3] the monopolistic "institution of the Internet" which is already leading humanity to implement the "mark of the beast 666" with its concealment of the truth and support for lies - as I described it in my blog #353E and in #H4 to #H4b of the web page "will.htm"; [4] "money" - which for a very long time has been causing humanity’s sufferings and economic collapses, exploitation, poverty, hunger, economic inequality, destruction of nature and the Earth's resources, chemicals and plastics that poison people, etc. - although this "money" could easily be replaced with the happiness of earned nirvana, as I explain it in blogs #328E, #343E and #351E and in items #C7 to #C9 of the web page "nirvana.htm"; [5] human legislation and the justice system - although the Bible has been showing us for thousands of years how the justice system can be reformed following the example of the method of "depriving privileges" used by God, described in blog #362E and in #I5 of the web page "bandits.htm", which exceptionally effectively rehabilitates people who stray from truth and morality; [6] space exploration using rockets that deplete the Earth's resources and litter the orbit of our planet, instead of my infinitely fast Magnocraft - see the web page "magnocraft.htm"; [7] the marital monopoly of women - who using their bodies as weapons and tools for torturing husbands, forcibly wrest from today's husbands the role of heads of families given to men by God, destroying with such robbery the entire future of humanity; and a multitude of yet other failed actions unwisely invented by people and stubbornly and destructively implemented by the rulers and decision-makers secretly controlled by the "powers of evil".

Probably the reader already knows that in the original text of the Bible, a living person is repeatedly called a "living soul" - e.g. see the wording of verse 2:7 from the "Book of Genesis" provided in correctly translated versions of the divinely inspired content of the Bible. (Notice that in order to undermine the truths, goals, and orientation towards inducing human research and inquiry, regardless of the version of the Bible actually inspired by God, the "powers of evil" currently began to generate and disseminate numerous false Bibles and alleged biblical books.) The reason for calling man a "living soul" is that "man is actually a 'software-immortal' soul to which God temporarily added a mortal body to allow this soul to personally experience another portion of his/her absolutely necessary and specially designed lessons in the 'school of life' that is created by God as our world of matter" (for more details see my web pages: "soul_proof.htm", "2020life.htm", and see blog #299E and #J5 to #J5g from my web page called "petone.htm"). Therefore, the spiritual requirements imposed on the marriage of such a "living male soul" with a "living female soul" were also far-sighted and wisely defined by God in many verses of the Bible. Unfortunately, currently a lot of people reclassify them to this gigantic group of truths and knowledge fought by the "powers of evil" for the detriment of humanity and to the already disappearing progressive human behaviour defined by the Bible. There is a phenomenon called "epigenetic inheritance of trauma" which I described in blog #358E and in #F13 to #F13ab of my web page "soul_proof.htm" - which causes that practically everyone in their reincarnation memories stored in the soul has "rescue programs", ordering him or her to secretly look or prepare for himself/herself a way of safe escape from unpleasant situations and from dangers or problems, in spite that just such a quick escape route God prepares in advance for everyone in trouble - I describe this God’s escape path under the name: law of highway through the sea (in Polish: "prawo autostrady przez morze" - e.g. see publications linked to in my Polish web page "skorowidz.htm"). In turn, today's situation on Earth caused that these "rescue programs" are launched in practically almost every person - especially if the faith in God of this person is unstable because he/she does NOT study the Bible, or belongs to some religion that does NOT adhere to the truths of the Bible, and moreover if he/she DOES NOT observes carefully and does NOT draw conclusions, e.g. from comparing Bible verses with what is currently happening in real life (e.g. conclusions of the type described in my blog #369E and #N1 to #N3 of the page "newzealand_visit.htm"). This growing uncertainty of the future caused that around the middle of the previous 20th century, people began to modify marriage, gradually eliminating its spiritual nature and compliance with the definitions of the Bible, and bringing it closer to exclusively corporeal, material behaviours - just as representatives of "fallen angels" (i.e. UFOnauts), including "demons of desire" who are best described by myths about Adam's first wife called "Lilith". (The nymphomaniac "fallen angel" named Lilith is mentioned in verse 34:14 of "Isaiah" in the Bible. However, the descendants of her 3+1 fingered race, in some folklores described as "succubus" and "incubus" - see blog #347E, who, similarly as Lilith did in biblical times, they today also take advantage of their secret occupation of the Earth lasting to this day by carrying out roaming and raping people at nights - in Poland are well known under the name of "nightmare", i.e. "zmora" in Polish. I published material evidence in form of photos of footprints proving the actual physical presence of such "nightmares" with 3+1 toes embedded in the asphalt of the sidewalk near my apartment in NZ showing these footprints in blog #347E and in K1 to #K1e of the web page "petone.htm". In turn, the beautiful Maori folk sculpture of this 3+1-fingered creature that I know under the names of "nightmare" or "incubus", is exhibited in the Petone museum, less than a kilometre away from my apartment, and only a stone's throw away from the Petone Celtic cross. The rape of women of an entire Maori village by a large gang of these "nightmares" with 3+1 toes were formerly recorded with a 5-panel sculpture - a fragment reduced to 3-panels of which I showed in Fig. #D1 described in detail on my web page "newzealand_visit.htm" - where I revealed the secret removal of as many as 2 panels from this sculpture that was secretly carried out by UFOnauts somewhere between the years 2012 and 2017 by method of going back in time - which eliminated the data redundancy error caused by this deletion of 2 panels and which I described in blogs #345E and #346E and in #I1, #I4 and #I5 of the page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm".) The effects of this gradual departure of today's marriages from the spiritually based definition of "marriage" in the Bible requiring voluntary "giving", and then replacing this definition with an animal-like corporeal gratification of forced "taking" currently implemented on Earth by the "powers of evil" (i.e. by secretive powers today deceptively called by their modern name "UFOnauts"), I have already described in greater detail in a number of my publications. For examples of these descriptions, see e.g. blogs #203E or #365E and my web pages from which these blogs are adapted. In turn, for the content of the biblical definition of marriage based on spirituality, see in the Bible, for example, verses: 7:3-5 from "1 Corinthians", 5:21-33 from Ephesians, 3:1-7 from "1 Peter", 9:9 from "Kohelet or Ecclesiastes", 2:18-20 from the "Book of Genesis", and a whole range of others also referred to in the videos linked here in items #I1 and #I2. The most important spiritual requirement of God from spouses is that every marriage should operate on the principle of mutually voluntary "giving" instead of forced "taking" from the spouse - as I explain it in more detail, among others, in blog #365E and in #V1 to #V1a of my web page "humanity.htm". In order to wisely cause this voluntary giving, God very far-sightedly specifies in the Bible his requirement that the wife is to be a helper and life partner of her husband (see verses 2:18-20 from the biblical "Book of Genesis"), because it is the husband who receives from God a specially designed for him a mission to accomplish on Earth (for the execution of which he is directed by God by the events of fate and destiny, although usually he consciously does NOT know about the existence of his mission), and hence this husband also receives from God the power of the head of the family and the authority over his helper, whom is his wife and her body to help him accomplish this mission. (After all, no mission will be successful with two heads - as warned by numerous proverbs of practically every nation, e.g. the Polish "woe to that house where the cow bullies the bull" - in Polish "biada temu domowi gdzie krowa przybodzie bykowi".) However, in order for the husband NOT to abuse or neglect his authority, for the sake of balance, his wife wisely receives authority from God over her husband's body. Such specification of the rules of coexistence in accordance with the definition of marriage in the Bible means that each married couple can arrange all aspects of their life (including sexual, intimate, emotional, spiritual, economic, etc.) in their own way, so that neither the husband nor the wife suffer from deficiencies e.g. in sexual relations which provide them with a lot of moral energy which is so necessary for health and life, or suffer from lack of intimacy or awareness of being loved and respected, etc. I once watched a video about the curiosities of the female body, in which, based on some research, it was claimed that having one sexual intercourse burns in a woman the same number of calories as 7 hours of physical exercise - if I remember correctly, exercise performed in a gym. Since the number of calories burned is a measure of the amount of "physical work" performed by people, this means that even if my unit of work that generates moral energy named "1 [hour of physical struggle]" marked as 1 [hps] that I used to quantify the amount of physical work needed to earn nirvana, burns the same amount of calories as at least two hours of female physical exercise in the gym, still one sexual intercourse could be for a woman the equivalent of generating of up to three [hps] of moral energy. (Note that my unit of "moral work" and "moral energy" called "1 [hps]", as well as the concept of the "relative level of moral energy" marked with the Greek letter "µ", i.e. "mu", I explained in #D2 from my web page named "nirvana.htm". I introduced my unit [hps] during quantitative research on nirvana in the humble conditions and my limited situation of a professorship in tropical Borneo, in order to measure with it the amount of "moral work" put into obtaining and maintaining the "earned nirvana".) This is why young married couples who have around one sexual intercourse a day with the motivation of "voluntary giving" prescribed by the Bible, they can increase a woman's "mu" even to above µ=0.5, making her exceptionally happy in the initial period of marriage. If both of them were then able to maintain their motivations on "giving" instead of "taking", and in addition they also found some additional source of moral energy pre-programmed to induce happiness, then they should be able to achieve totaliztic nirvana within about a year, and then maintain it at themselves for as long as they do NOT change their behaviour. This is also why these young married couples, after the cessation of their regular sexual intercourses, experience an excessively rapid loss of moral energy discussed here - especially when these and all other physical works of a given wife lack proper motivations for "voluntary giving" - which lack is to pre-program the moral energy generated by these works to perform effects other than inducing happiness. After all, "moral work" motivated in this way only appears in the sexual relations of married couples in accordance with the recommendations of the Bible, because it results from the purity of their spiritual motivation of "giving" aimed at inducing happiness in the other person, and from the considerable physical "moral work" put into these sexual relations. (However, the "moral energy" pre-programmed to cause happiness is NOT able to be generated by animal-like corporeal sexual relations aimed at "taking", i.e. by e.g. lust, adultery, one-night stand, "hookup culture", visit to a prostitute, etc. - because spiritually they are motivated by the somehow forced "taking" of pleasure, instead of the "voluntary giving" of happiness recommended by the Bible. The way in which any physical work is spiritually motivated, depends on how is pre-programmed the intelligent moral energy then injected by this "moral work" into the soul of the person performing that physical work. This is why, for example, the moral energy of kung-fu adepts who try to develop for themselves some unique ability, then realizes this ability for them upon request.) Moreover, sexual relations themselves, even in the most loving and most frequently intimate marriage, generate an amount of "moral energy" that only barely covers in everyday life its loss to natural dissipation. Therefore, in order to increase faster the amount of this energy in their souls needed for a happy life, in addition to sexual relations, both husband and wife should also perform some other physical work motivated by the happiness of others, which will also generate this valuable moral energy.

The breakthrough discovery of the existence of "moral energy", and the engineering research of "how" to generate this energy and how to release its action, I made in 1996 after taking up my professorship on the newly established University at that time having campus still surrounded by jungles of tropical island of Borneo. Hence the information that I present here about this intelligent energy comes from the so-called "first hand", i.e. from the discoverer and at the same time also a researcher who personally experienced everything described here about this energy. Initially I called this energy "zwow" (short from Polish "zasób wolnej woli" meaning the "capacity of free will") because I had previously noticed that it increases our capabilities and chances of actually achieving of what desires our so-called "free will" - see the web page "will.htm". Then I undertook further research on this then discovered "moral energy", which research, with small pauses, continues practically until today. So let us summarize in the following subitems {#I1a} to {#I1n} the most important so-called "milestones" that mark significant events in my research on intelligent "moral energy":

{#I1a} My first experiment confirming the actual existence and possibility of instrumental detection and quantification of "moral energy". In 1997, in Borneo, I undertook an extraordinary experiment of intentionally increasing the accumulation in my "soul" of the recently discovered "moral energy". I described this experiment in more detail in the INTRODUCTION and in "part #L" of my web page named "smart_tvs.htm", and partly also in my blog #335E. As a result of this experiment, I suddenly reached a state of overwhelming happiness that, because of its tenacity, completely surprised and even scared me. After all, that feeling of happiness was very long-lasting and much stronger than, for example, the strongest orgasm during sexual intercourse, and it is known how short-lived these orgasms are. Meanwhile, days and then weeks passed, and this overwhelming happiness would NOT leave me. However, since tropical Borneo is full of insects and unusual illnesses, this stubborn happiness reminded me contents of books I read in my youth about old-time travels around Africa. I knew from these books that in Africa there is a tropical fly called "Tse-Tse" (see ), the bite of which causes persistent coma and then death. So I started to wonder whether the indescribable happiness that came over me and was NOT going to leave me was not caused by being bitten by some Bornean relative of the Tse-Tse fly, which, however, instead of a coma, would cause a feeling of indescribable happiness. So I started feverishly studying books from the library of the University, where I was lecturing at that time, to find out where this extraordinary happiness came from. Finally, I found in some book that this is the happiness of an unique phenomenon called "nirvana", which later I described on my web page "nirvana.htm". In this way, empirically, and as the first scientist on Earth, I discovered how to earn a lasting feeling of "totaliztic nirvana". My nirvana lasted continuously for about 9 months and disappeared only after the end of my professorship in Borneo and my return to New Zealand - where I had NO opportunity to continue doing the physical and motivated by "voluntary giving" so-called "moral work", which first caused and then sustained this nirvana for me.

{#I1b} Empirical research on "moral energy" carried out during experiencing my 9-month "earned nirvana". Having a scientific mind from "birth" (as opposed to having a "scientific job for salary and prestige"), throughout the duration of my earned nirvana I also scientifically researched it and experimented with it, e.g. with the aim to determine how much of "moral work" is needed to generate the nirvana (e.g. by using my units [hps] of moral work), how the motivations and other factors cause a noticeable increase or reduction of nirvana intensity, etc. I then discovered, for example, that there are different levels of earned nirvana, and although the lowest level of it causes a feeling of spiritual happiness of a clearly higher intensity than, for example, the feeling of physical pleasure during sexual orgasm, there is still an even higher level of nirvana, which I called "Niagara", because it makes happiness so stunning that it bursts from inside our body and roars like the unstoppable waters of Niagara.

{#I1c} The discovery of the constant circulation of "moral energy". One of the effects of the research on "moral energy" carried out during the time of experiencing my nirvana, was the discovery made then that "moral energy" constantly flows and escapes. Therefore, in the sense of its characteristics, this intelligent "moral energy" that causes nirvana, accumulated in the human "soul" through moral work, shows a great similarity to the circulation of life-giving "oxygen" through the human body. Just as with the work of our lungs, we obtain oxygen from the air and pump it into the blood, causing that, thanks to the work of the heart, this oxygen nourishes every cell of our body, and then its products are excreted in the urine and through the skin to the surroundings, so also physical work performed by any muscles of our body absorbs intelligent moral energy from the environment, pre-programs it with the motivations and feelings that prevail in us while performing this work, then the work of muscles pushes this moral energy into our "soul", from where it is then released through our numerous chakras and micro-chakras, realizing in our body a kind of physical effects that we have pre-programmed into it with our motivations.

{#I1d} The identity of the ever-moving "moral energy" to the Chinese "chi" energy and to the energies photographed with "Kirlian cameras" - see . When I scientifically discovered and researched "moral energy", I did not know yet that, once again, I was discovering something that, under completely different names and different scientific interpretations, has been known and described since ancient times. By scientifically analyzing the characteristics of the "moral energy" that I discovered, I realised its identity to the ever-moving energy called "chi" by the Chinese. Moreover, my analyzes have shown that the moral energy escaping from practically all living organisms and inanimate objects is also that eternally moving, glowing, intelligent energy that is shown to us by these so-called "Kirlian photographs". As I also described it in blog #368E and in #B5.1 and in #F1 to #F5 of the web page "pigs.htm", the Chinese have been using the benefits of this energy in their everyday life for over 4700 years under the names "chi" and "Feng Shui", while in ancient times to utilise technically its operation, they constructed the so-called "Zhang Heng seismograph" described on the web page "seismograph.htm" - which detected earthquakes over hundreds of kilometres and which to this day human scientists have NOT been able to build correctly. So after rediscovering it, I teach how to use this intelligent energy to repair many problems of humanity - calling it by its most appropriate name, "moral energy". The above allow us to deduce logically that phenomena currently considered to be "spiritual", as well as phenomena purely "material" (i.e. the only currently considered and researched by the monopole of "official atheistic science") have the same source and origins - which are "God Drobinas" used by God as a building material from which God created and with which God manifests everything that exists in the entire universe. Thus "moral energy", as well as all spiritual phenomena, all of them can be measured and registered with human build instruments. I already know that the flow of moral energy is shown on Kirlian Photography. Since I also know that the carriers of this moral energy are eternally moving "God Drobinas", who also are carriers for programs of human souls (see web page "2020life.htm"), and also source for other phenomena NOT considered to be worth researching by monopoly of "official atheistic science", it is about the time that the new "totaliztic science" (see #C6 from my web page "telekinetics.htm") starts to build devices for registering and measuring these spiritual phenomena - the first of such devices are already described in the Polish treatise [7b] (see web page "tekst_7b.htm") and on my web pages "telepathy.htm" (see "telepathic pyramid" in there), and "seismograph.htm" (see "Zhang Heng Seismograph" in there).

{#I1e} Pre-programming with our "motivations" and "feelings" the types of physical effects that the intelligent "moral energy" released from the soul is supposed to cause. This is why, for example, by doing physical work with the motivation to make our neighbours happy, we pre-program this intelligent moral energy to induce happiness also in ourselves when it is released from the chakras of our "soul".

{#I1f} My discovery that abundance of this intelligent moral energy influences the well-being of a given person, while the lack of it thereof initiates "illnesses of the soul" - e.g. "depression". While still in Borneo, I also discovered that the relative amount of "µ" (i.e. the "mu" coefficient) of moral energy accumulated in the "soul" drastically influences the well-being of a given person. The first descriptions of this discovery - that in my opinion represents a breakthrough for psychiatry and psychology, I published almost 30 years ago, in 1998, in subsection II3.1 from "volume 4ii" of my monograph [1/3], distributed free of charge via the web page "tekst_1_3.htm". Unfortunately, to this day my discovery, which can, for example, almost completely eliminate depression and suicides caused by depression, has NOT been accepted by the monopoly of "official atheistic science" and its medical, psychological and psychiatric disciplines. Like everything that is particularly heavenly, also this empirical phenomenon of "earned nirvana", which re-evaluated my entire life, disappeared for me some time after I finished my professorship in Borneo and returned to New Zealand. In New Zealand then I had NO conditions to discreetly continue any "moral work" that would maintain my nirvana. (The open continuation of such work risks the deletion of the generated moral energy caused by jealous, hostile, unfriendly, or angrily disposed viewers looking at our work and mentally condemning us or what we do in their sight.) However, the disappearance of my nirvana did NOT stop my research on this phenomenon, especially on its applications that can help other people to eliminate the problems that bother them. For example, the results of my watching of the impact on my own well-being of a decrease in my "mu" coefficient in New Zealand to a value well below µ=0.4, and noting how low the value of "mu" is there in a large number of people whose well-being and behaviour I was able to discreetly monitor, led me to clarify the extremely important discovery previously made in Borneo, that the amount of "moral energy" accumulated in our "soul" determines our everyday well-being, attitude towards ourselves, attitude towards other neighbours, attitude towards life, etc. Currently, the most extensive and systematic descriptions of this discovery are provided in item #D3 of my web page "nirvana.htm".

{#I1g} A method of treating depression through the generating of "moral energy". The clarification of that discovery that it is the lack of moral energy that causes depression, allowed me to develop, I believe, the only possible, truly effective, and deprived side effects principle for a method of treating the "illness of the soul" called "mental depression", and for preventing suicides caused by this depression. I described this principle in blog #318E and in #C6 from the web page named "nirvana.htm".

{#I1h} The need to verify my previous belief that "moral energy" is generated only by voluntary "moral work". My previous finding, which I discreetly confirmed with empirical observations, that in fact every person whose level of moral energy "mu" falls below µ=0.3, falls into a state of depression, also directed my attention to the probable mistake in my previous belief that performing "physical work" with other motivations than "voluntary giving", does NOT generate "moral energy". This is because my later research revealed that works NOT motivated by "giving" do NOT generate "earned nirvana", but generate "moral energy" pre-programmed to induce physical phenomena other than the feeling of happiness. For example, by discreetly examining e.g. athletes and bodybuilders who, in gymnasiums or during sports training, perform the physical work of their training and exercises, typically motivated at "taking" as they do it mostly for themselves, I determined that they also do NOT fall into depression if they have NOT previously given up their regular efforts. It's just that the manifestations of releasing their intelligent energy are different than the manifestations of releasing energy generated with the motivation of "voluntary giving". So I started to believe that in fact absolutely every "physical work", regardless of whether it is voluntary or forced, generates moral energy and thus prevents falling into depression. By the way, because they motivate their training by "taking" contrary to God's commands, instead of "giving" in accordance with God's commands and requirements, these athletes and bodybuilders lose the unique opportunity to experience the happiness of earned nirvana while building their muscles and body appearance. To earn also nirvana it would be enough that instead of the unproductive work of physically overcoming the resistance of training machines in gymnasiums, they would do the same work altruistically for the good and happiness of some people - e.g. to carry in the winter supply of coal or potatoes to the cellar of some oldies who themselves would NOT be able to accomplish such carrying, thus then the change in the motivation of athletes and bodybuilders from "taking" into such "giving" would simultaneously bring them a "totaliztic nirvana" together with an increase in their muscularity and slenderness of the body. Even if these athletes do NOT put in as much muscle work in gyms as I did in my experiment in Borneo, they still probably generate an amount of moral energy that is higher than their daily dissipation of this energy. So over time, by changing their motivations to "giving", they would earn the happiness of nirvana. After all, even properly motivated nurses from hospitals can earn nirvana for themselves (see #B3 of the web page "nirvana.htm") - although their workload is probably much lower quantitatively than the work input in training e.g. bodybuilders or professional athletes.

{#I1i} My memory of participation in shows of "kun-fu" masters from Shaolin of China, providing me with data proving that each constantly repeated physical work generates moral energy. In my current recognition that in fact every physical work generates moral energy, initially induced by the empirical observation that athletes do NOT experience depression until they stop their training, I was finally confirmed by subsequent analyzes of the training of "kung-fu" masters from Shaolin in China. In shows of almost miraculous abilities of these masters I had the opportunity to participate in person during my professorship in Malaysia, and I described them in more detail in subsection B3.2 from volume 7 of monograph [1/5] distributed free of charge on the web page "text_1_5.htm", and partly also in (4) from the web page #K2 "god_exists.htm". As I found out, adepts of e.g. kung-fu, who train their bodies and muscles to learn some "superhuman" ability (e.g. breaking steel rods into fluff or into tiny fragments with their own heads), also generate a lot of intelligent moral energy for their souls with these physical exercises. However, with their motivations for performing these physical exercises, they pre-program the generated moral energy for a specific effect of their actions (e.g. for smashing steel rods into fluff when they come into contact with their heads).

{#I1j} Necessity of correction to my previous publications about "moral energy". In other words, my latest correction to the original discovery about the generation of moral energy, states: every physical work generates moral energy - but the difference in the motivations for "taking" or "giving" with which each physical work can be performed, as well as the feelings and situations that accompany this work during its implementation, can pre-program into the moral energy generated by this physical work a huge range of commands "what" final effects this energy is to produce during its subsequent release from the soul. This my publication here is the first in which, having already been certain of the above fact, I officially report, explain, and support with evidence this correction to my previous discovery. The consequence of this amendment is, among others: assuring the reader that every type of sexual intercourse, including even intercourse with a prostitute, also generates moral energy in large quantities - however, the action of this energy during its release from the soul will depend on the motivation and feelings with which it has been pre-programmed. This is a warning sign. After all, for example, in wives who practice adultery, incorrect pre-programming of their moral energy may cause disgust or even hatred towards their husband or numbness and feelinglessness in relations with their husbands. In addition, some types of work may also have highly harmful consequences, e.g. prostitution - venereal diseases, e.g. "kung-fu" fighting or crimes - bodily injury or confrontation with the justice system.

{#I1k} The importance of the milestone age of 60. In 2006, I reached the age of 60 from the growth part of my life. I also knew then that the maximum of 120 years of human life consists of a cycle of 60 years of growth and a cycle of 60 years of decline described by the Chinese lunar calendar based on the animal zodiac, which about 4,700 years ago was developed and given to the Chinese by a friendly to humanity, superior intelligence much higher than that of humans - I explained the history of this calendar in blog #368E and in #B5.1 and in #F1 to #F5 of the page "pigs.htm". So starting from 2006, I initiated to empirically trace "how" in these next 60 years of the declining part of every person's life (described by the Chinese calendar) disappear the abilities and chances to earn a totaliztic nirvana. I discovered then that if, after building my "time vehicles" described on the web page "immortality.htm", the experiencing of the happiness of nirvana becomes an irrevocable requirement to be shifted back in time to the years of youth, this shifting back cannot be carried out later than in the 60th year of a given person's age. This is because after the age of 60, all human physical potentials (i.e. even the speed of passage of time) are significantly declined - see my blog #312E or item #L3 of the web page "oscillatory_chamber.htm".

{#I1l} The discovery that, unlike men, women somehow feel in themselves a "lack of moral energy", described by them as a kind of "inner emptiness" in their soul (I suspect that this feeling is somewhat similar to how indefinitely manifests itself in men e.g. a "hunger" for sexual intercourse). The group of the most interesting findings about moral energy also includes the discovery that during my research aimed at developing the method described here for saving the breakdown of today's marriages caused by a lack of moral energy, while reviewing videos on this subject distributed on the Internet, I discovered that most women physically feel a lack of amount of moral energy in their souls that is required for their happy life. Women describe this lack of moral energy felt in their "souls" as an "inner emptiness", void, numbness, a lack of relationship with themselves, and with several other descriptions. Unfortunately, the "powers of evil" have cleverly forced women into a "culture of illusion" and the belief that it is their husbands or lovers (and NOT themselves and the intelligent moral energy generated by them) who are responsible for filling the void in their "souls". This culture, supplemented by the effectiveness of the blockade with which the "powers of evil" prevent people from learning about my publications that have been disseminated since 1998 and which provide people with knowledge about the existence and operation of "moral energy", cause that firstly wives close their legs to their husbands. Then they start the so-called emotional marital betrayals - see (which, like every sexual intercourse, generates a lot of moral energy for them). Finally believing in the "delusion" that it is a lover (and not a return to practicing sexual relations that generate a lot of moral energy) who will restore happiness to their lives, they decide to divorce. After the divorce they end up alone - because who wants to marry a divorcee about whom he knows that she cheated on her previous husband. This "inner emptiness" of a woman's soul is best described in videos of a female marriage guide in my opinion currently the best in the world that is publishing her findings on the Internet - the eye-opening videos of who are collected in the "podcast" from YouTube with the address: . However, apart from this wise marriage guide, about the need to fill up the "emptiness in women souls", to eliminate sexual numbness and feelinglessness, and to "establish a relationship with oneself" - which are caused by the delusion that it is the husband or lover who should fill this missing element of the soul of women (means NOT women themselves through the personal generation of moral energy), are also emphasized by other researchers and sources - I have linked to videos containing them below, e.g. in Videos #I1xyz .

{#I1m} The nirvana political system. Let us return, however, to the "milestones" and history of discoveries related to moral energy and to the healing of "soul ilnesses" caused by the lack of this energy. Regardless of learning about the "world pandemic of wives closing their legs to their husbands and the resulting marriages based on the terms of living as stranger roommates" - the research and description of the proposed method of treating marriages devastated by it I have included here, also the same in-depth knowledge and experience of "earned nirvana" allowed me to undertake research work over the "nirvana political system". I presented this system, among others, in blogs #328E, #343E and #351E, and in #C7 to #C9 of the page "nirvana.htm". Together with a friend, we also created a 33:36-minute Polish-language video (but with English "cc"), available on YouTube from 2021/4/22, entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (which title can be translated as: "World Without Money: Nirvana Political System"), and which is available for free at .

{#I1n} What's next in my plans for research on moral energy. The most recently undertaken topic of the application of the researched knowledge and truth about the existence and operation of intelligent "moral energy", is the engineering development of "how" to pre-program the moral energy generated by oneself, and "how" then to saturate with it inanimate objects and the nature surrounding us while simultaneously obeying the commandments and requirements of the Bible, so that the characteristics of moral energy then implement the intended supernatural effects for us. My latest work that I have already published on this subject is blog #369E and #N1 to #N3 from the web page "newzealand_visit.htm". However, in fact this research is based on observations made during my professorships in Malaysia, Borneo and Korea that revealed to me how "giving" strong feelings to any object saturates it with our moral energy pre-programmed with the motivations with which these feelings are directed to this object - e.g. see #D1 to #D3 from the web page "malbork .htm", and subsections I5.7 from volume 5, as well as JB3.2 from volume 7, of my monograph [1/5]. This, in turn, allows - if we, as a civilization, deserve that God gives to us such a chance, that humanity is to develop methods, e.g. "how" to give a steel sword the ability to drive it into a stone like into butter (see /results?search_query=galgano+sword+in+the+stone ) or even how to pierce the currently unmatched hard shells of UFOs with a sword, or "how" to make our steel tools resistant to rust and the effects of time (see ?search_query=mysterious+sword+that+defied+time ), or "how" to give some armor the ability that no bullet, explosion or weapon would be able to damage it, etc., etc. After all, there are archaeological discoveries, currently carefully hidden by the monopoly of the "official atheistic science" obedient to the "powers of evil", proving that all the above supposedly "supernatural" features of inanimate objects and nature are available to people who act in accordance with God's commandments.

The learning "how" to generate the "moral energy" absolutely necessary for marital happiness and durability, now is exceptionally urgent because, unfortunately, the biblically defined operation of marriages only lasted until machines became more and more widespread. After all, machines gradually eliminated the "physical work" necessary for any human action to be classified as the so-called "moral work". Moreover, machines have also eliminated the moral motivations of "giving and volunteering" when performing any "jobs", replacing them with the monotony of unmotivated activities serving only to earn and to take "money" - in today's humanity desperately needed to live and to pay bills. Meanwhile, meeting both requirements: "voluntary physical effort" and "motivations of 'giving' aimed at the good of others", is absolutely necessary for programming the intelligent moral energy that has just been generated to bring happiness to us - as I explain it in detail in items #D1 and #D2 from the web page named "nirvana.htm" and in publications linked there. Unfortunately nowadays, the majority of married couples living in cities do NOT perform almost any voluntary physical work motivated by selflessly "giving" something to others, thus programmed by such motivation to induce someone's happiness with the product of these works - i.e. works of the type that I described in the INTRODUCTION and in "part #L" of my web page named "smart_tvs.htm" and partly also in blog #335E. As a result, when for any reason after the wedding, a married couple stops regular sexual intercourse (e.g. because the husband or wife goes on a multi-month contract to a distant town), the level of moral energy in both of them, pre-programmed to induce happiness, suddenly begins to drop rapidly. This drop can easily reach the harmful level when "mu" coefficient amounts to µ=0.3 (i.e. "provocativeness"), about which I warn in blog #318E and in item #D3 of the page "nirvana.htm" that after "mu" falling to it or even below it, people become "opposite to normal", i.e. they fall victims of the illness of the soul called "depression", they lie, and in accordance with their "free will" they always make conscious decisions to act immorally and in whatever they do to listen only to their own whims and ignore the whispers conscience. Wives excel in such behaviour, because they begin to strongly feel the lack of something in their lives, NOT KNOWING that it is the "moral energy" pre-programmed for happiness, which they themselves are able to, and should, constantly replenish in themselves by also performing other "moral works" than voluntarily helping the husband or, for example, do works other than marritial sexual intercourse - an example of one of such different works that generates moral energy pre-programmed to bring pleasure or happiness is described in "Problem 1" from item #D2 of my web page "nirvana.htm", while a whole series of similar works I discuss in subsection JE9 from volume 8 of my monograph [1/5]. Because by that time wives usually already knew almost all the imperfections of their husbands, which imperfections are "normal" and consistent with the statement in the Bible that each person is imperfect (e.g. see verse 3:23-24 from the "Letter to the Romans" explained in more detail in #F2 of blog #368E and the web page "pigs.htm", or see Truth (#1) from #V1 in blog #365E and in the web page "humanity.htm", or see the well-known quote which warns wives about the existence of a set of vices and imperfections in each person, expressing it with a wise warning "beware of illusions it has NO flaws" - see ), and at the same time because today's rapid spread of the addiction to hookups (in English "hookup culture"), described in more detail in #V2 of my web page "humanity.htm", and addiction to hand-phones, usually convince wives that it is their husbands (and NOT they themselves) who are obliged to make up for any deficiencies in anything felt by women. (Interestingly, it is the addiction to hand-phones and multimedia that creates both a way and a compulsion that leads to emotional affairs.) So these wives begin to blame their husbands for the feeling of "lacking something" (i.e. for lacking in their "souls" the "moral energy" that causes a feeling of happiness). Thus, having hand-phones or computers with access to multimedia, in order to make up for these mysterious deficiencies, wives usually begin to break the requirements of the biblical definition of marriage by re-establishing or rekindling their initially innocent-looking contact with supposedly "platonic friends", that is, usually with unmarried "men from their past or work" (see https:/ /, i.e. with men usually called "just friend" by these wives, see - as it is best described by the approximately 11-minute English-language video "Married women can't have male friends" at qLR-OtcbCsc . Over time, these contacts turn first into "emotional affairs" (see ), and then into extramarital "intimacy" and secretly repeated "erotic infidelities". It is common that these betrayals are lasting for years - after all, their "platonic friends", being men in today's immoral times, usually see NO reason NOT to enjoy these "free plums of sexual pleasure" presented to them without any requirements, effort, or risk. Since all sexual, intimate and emotional needs of these wives are usually met in this way, these wives "close their legs" to access by their husbands, and if these husbands demand sexual relations, the wives start to refuse, nag, complain, and call them insultingly, ignore, and treat them in a way that is completely stripped of respect. Ultimately, such treatments typically lead to divorce, which in 2024 was initiated in around 80% by wives who were often emotionally and erotically unfaithful to their husbands. Unfortunately, after the divorce, these wives suddenly discover that their "platonic friends" do NOT want them anymore - after all, the saying goes "why buy a cow if one can drink fresh milk for free everywhere?" In English, what happens after a divorce to many of these probably previously unfaithful ex-wives is called: hitting a wall hard (see ). Research presented in the 9:09 minute English-language video titled "The 4 stage addiction of an affair" and at the address shows that only about 10% of such divorced due to their wives' adultery, marries her lover, and out of this number of weddings, as many as 75% to 80% end in divorce again (probably again due to the wife's betrayal - after all, "a leopard does NOT change its spots").

The salvation from the above development of today's marital situation is to start increasing the "moral energy" pre-programmed to cause happiness - starting as early as possible, preferably from the very beginning of sexual intercourse or from the beginning of marriage, i.e. when both parties are still enthusiastic in every matter and when this increasing is early enough so that in the case of some random events, or the arrival of e.g. the "time of karma return to one of the spouses" (see the web page "karma.htm") which according to my research typically comes after about 7 years from the wedding date, the level of this moral energy in neither of the spouses did NOT pose a danger of its "mu" falling below µ=0.3. More precisely "how" to generate this moral energy, I described in detail in engineering terms, among others: in items #D1 to #D3 and #C6 from the web page "nirvana.htm", and in my blogs and other publications linked in there. Extremely important in this generation of moral energy is that it is caused only by voluntary physical work that use our own muscles (including, among others, work performed during e.g. marital sexual intercourse). It is also best if this work depends on postulated by the Bible "giving" to other people something that they need and that will bring them pleasure or happiness, i.e. work that is NOT motivated only by obtaining benefits from it mainly for oneself. This is because only such physical work of "giving" pleasure or happiness causes pre-programming of the generated moral energy to induce a feeling of happiness in the person in whose soul this moral energy is accumulated. This is also why, for example, the work of a prostitute, or the sport effort of building one's own muscles in gymnasiums, do NOT generate moral energy that causes happiness - although they pre-program the moral energy generated then to cause effects that were defined by the motivations and feelings with which a given person performed these works (e.g. in the case of work prostitutes - earning money or e.g. hating specific clients, in the case of working in a gym - muscle growth or a more muscular appearance of the body). Therefore, people who believe in God and read the Bible, long before the wedding (e.g. right after the engagement) should conclude some kind of written covenant in which both sides will agree with each other at least on the most controversial aspects of fulfilling the biblical definition of marriage in their marriage - see item #I2 below.

I am to illustrate the descriptions of this blog #370E with videos from that expand the information discussed here. (Unfortunately, I have yet to find well-prepared such videos in other than English languages that would precisely discuss the problems of married life solved here - if I find them, I will provide links to them.) In May 2024, I found mainly English-language (good) videos on this topic, to which I am linking here. This causes, among other things, that watching these videos requires at least a minimum knowledge of English, although it will also increase the viewer's English knowledge. After all, almost all of these videos have the so-called "closed captions", i.e. narrative subtitles, activated by clicking the "cc" icon. Moreover, all videos can be stopped at any time by clicking, and then again restarted with clicks. This allows one to translate all their words into own language from the "cc" narration subtitles after a short pause, and thus additionally train in understanding English.

In item #I2 of this blog #370E, as well as in three items #I2 to #I4 of the web page "biblia.htm", I provide in engineering terms, i.e. "step by step", examples of engineering procedures "how exactly" and "why", from the first moment of making a decision about directing one's future towards a wisely defined by the philosophy of traditional marriage designed by God and described in Bible verses, it is worth and should be build solid foundations that will make this marriage consistent with the biblical definition of marriage, thus also filled with love and durable. In these three provided examples, I indicate methods of preventing marriage from completely departing from its biblical definition in as many as three typical situations of today's humanity. I will also describe in more detail the engineering guidelines for these three situations, providing for them the phases (or steps) of building the foundations of a future marriage on the principles of the Bible, which, in my opinion, will be a source of "how" and "why" guidelines for almost all situations one may encounter in real life. For each of these situations, I will also indicate English-language videos that expand and provide empirical material confirming the correctness of the engineering procedures recommended for a given situation. Because, like every human being, I am also highly imperfect and, moreover, a male, whatever I write here is probably, like everything human, NOT absolutely objective, and probably in a completely unintentional, accidental and unconscious way it has been saturated with some shades of "male bias" - this is why, and also to shorten these descriptions, I am to use almost exclusively the words "wife" or "woman", although what I write about her here will typically refer to both partners of the marriage, i.e. both to the husband and to the wife (if it refers only to one of them, then I will specify it, e.g. with the words: husband or wife). Here are the three marital situations discussed here:

See item #I2 below: advice addressed to young people who believe in the truth of the Bible and are planning their first marriage. (After all, about the Bible it is already scientifically proven that it was in fact inspired by the undeniably existing and omnipotent God, who created each one of us and constantly takes care of us - e.g. see blogs #135E and #228E, or see the 6:08 minute video "Jesus found in ancient records of China" at the address: .) Meanwhile, life confirms that getting married is typically the most important decision we ever make and which can either make us happy, or break us and destroy. Therefore, the advice can be very helpful if two young people of the opposite sex who believe in God, i.e. a man and a woman, have recently met and they are both wondering "how" to best lay the philosophical foundations for a biblically consistent marriage in today's times of lack of faith. This is because today's "modern" marriages are based on a philosophy that violates the definition of marriages from the Bible - see {#I2b} from #I2 below. In today's world of "feminism", "hookup culture", "emotional betrayals" with supposedly "platonic friends" of the opposite sex, lack of actual communication between young people, and young women sometimes "accounting" dozens or even hundreds of nights spent in beds with different men, marriages have a very high chance of quickly ending in bitterness, losses and the madness of divorce - after all, the principles of most of them are against God and NOT with God. Therefore, based on the results of the research I have carried out so far, the advice listed in #I2 below provides young people who believe in God with guidelines written in an engineering style and indicating the main stages or steps of a detailed procedure "how" a candidate for a future wife who has been already met, liked, and her character preliminary learned, to convince, discern, or make sure during occasional conversations whether it is possible to jointly develop consensus on the correctness and goodness of the need to base marriage on wise and timeless guidelines from the Bible. During such casual and occasional conversations, special attention can be paid to determining whether, on the basis of procedural and empirical warnings in English called "red flags", the candidate for a wife or candidate for a future husband just met, meets or does NOT meet the basic requirements that the Bible and empiricism indicate that they are absolutely necessary to build a happy married life, and which I have detailed in {#I2a} from item #I2 below. It should also include the formulation and mutually accepting of a voluntary but written as a kind of "covenant" document, by human laws in English atheistically called "prenup", discussed in {#I2e} below that describe engagement. This document may contain a mutual agreement that will be binding for both of them, detailing the voluntary and mutual rules of conduct of both young people who believe in God and study the Bible and plan to become future spouses, and which will be binding for them from the first day after the wedding. However, the most important item of these preliminary conversations should be the promise to each other that both participants of this couple are ready to voluntarily undertake the "moral works" described in {#I2f} from item #I2 below with the motivation of "giving" prescribed in the Bible, aimed at constant maintaining the level of their moral energy within "mu" between µ=0.4 and µ=0.5, and then followed by undertaking immediate, mutual, decisive and continuous implementation of this promise in real life - which will guarantee them a long and happy married life.

ATTENTION. Here I am pointing out numbered examples of numerous irrefutable historical confirmations that the increase of "moral energy" pre-programmed with the motivation of "giving" is to generate happiness, strengthens such biblically compatible marriages for living together forever in mutual respect, harmony, love and happiness, and that the present unanimous within almost the entire humanity, the departure of wives with "mu" coefficient below µ=0.3 from this compatibility of marriages with the Bible, is the proof that this departure was secretly forced upon us with an advanced technology (e.g. telepathy or hypnosis) by our fierce enemies and relatives existing outside humanity, praying for the future of which enemies the Bible also commands us to do. (1) The first historically verifiable group of these confirmations is the life of love and happiness of most married couples from my parents' generation in a poor, war-ravaged, starved, abandoned, and persecuted by the rest of the world, and completely deprived of almost all today's machines and home appliances, post-war Poland from 1946 to 1964, in which absolutely everything was made mainly with one's own hands. During this period, I had the honour and pleasure of living in the house of my parents, and for one year in my grandmother's house, both of them living in the small suburban Polish villages of Wszewilki (see the web page "wszewilki.htm") and Cielcza (see the web page "cielcza.htm"). The rules of life in both of these villages were then drastically different from the rules of life in the fortresses-apartments of today's cities, barricaded against their neighbours. Suffice to jokingly say it here, for example, that women from one end of these villages knew even what the wives from the other end were cooking for their husbands and children for dinner. So if a wife (like do today's urban wives) would force then her husband into celibacy by closing her legs for him, or if she lived with her husband on the currently popular principles of a completely alien roommates, and spoiled her reputation by satisfying all her intimate needs with a "just friend" that was NOT her husband, then the whole village would immediately know about it. Of course we, the young generation of these villages, would also know about it - after all, then everyone quickly learned the truth and there were NO so-called "privacy laws". However, until the fall of communism in Poland, I never heard of any such case (just as I did NOT hear of anyone taking drugs at that time). At the same time, however, I know that the wives of these villages then lovingly performed a lot of voluntary "moral work" motivated by the "giving" recommended in the Bible. For example, let's just consider the job of cooking dinner for a really loved family. For today's city wives, it comes down to effortlessly opening a few cans and flipping a gas or electric switch to heat up for their husband's the ready-made contents of those cans - the food of which is packed with industrial chemicals inducing countless illnesses. Meanwhile, for example, my own mother, when she wanted to, for example, lovingly cook our favourite "chicken broth with noodles" for dinner (eating which was a real treat for us at that time), she firstly had to chase the hen to catch it (unless we did this for her), then cut off the hen head, then "scald" it with hot water, pluck the feathers and singe the down, gut and remove the contents of the stomach and bile from the liver, then "season" it so that the meat tastes good and only then the hen was ready to prepare the broth. In total, with one hen, the mother lovingly performed more physical "moral work" than today's wives do in their entire day. It was similar with noodles - I do NOT remember that in those days anyone bought ready-made noodles in the store, and everyone laboriously and lovingly made it personally from flour, eggs and other primary ingredients according to their unique (and extremely tasty) recipes. Cooking was NOT easy either, because the mother first had to saw the logs and chop wood for the fire. Back then, husbands engaged in hard work all day long in the field and/or industry usually limited themselves to bringing whole trees home, which their wives (or their children) then cut, chopped or broke into smaller pieces to be burned. Cooking was also fun, because wife had to light the fire in the stove, wait for the hob to heat up, and then cook, watch over, season and lovingly perform other cooking secrets that have been known for generations to make the cooked meal delicious and loved by husband and children. In addition, there was home-making of cheese, butter, preserves and all other food items. For example, in order for the butter to separate from the cream carefully scraped from the surface of many pots of stagnant milk, it was necessary to shake the jug containing the cream vigorously in the hands for about an hour. During the seasons, there were additional tasks performed manually, mainly by wives: feeding and tending the flock, planting, among others, potatoes, drying hay, receiving and tying into sheaves of grain hand-cut by the husband, harvesting, threshing grain during which wives spent hours in dust and noise collecting straw from the threshing machine and tying it into sheaves, digging potatoes, making sousages and seasoning meat after slaughtering a pig in the autumn, smoking, and, of course, baking and preparing home-made dishes and drinks for gatherings of the whole large family on several holidays and other celebrations. It is easy to estimate that today's urban wives perform even less than the equivalent of 1% of those purely physical jobs of old times done solely with the power of muscles. This in turn means that today the level of "moral energy" of the entire humanity is constantly decreasing. In the years to come, this value will probably drop to practically zero. This means that a lot of people and all "group intellects" will then attract the so-called "death by moral suffocation" due to the complete lack of moral energy absolutely necessary for life. This death is, after all, an inevitable consequence of the drop in "mu" factor to the value µ=0. This extraordinary type of death, as if attacking and eradicating all those who do NOT listen to their conscience and refuse to acknowledge the correctly documented truth or have NOT learned to look for the truth and distinguish it from lies, I described in more detail in blog #318E and in #D3 of the web page "nirvana.htm". What is most interesting, it occurs in all possible ways that today's "disbelievers" are NOT able to associate with the lack of "moral energy", i.e. it occurs e.g. due to suicides, strange "accidents", "accidental" infections, the accumulation of poisons in the bodies, the so-called "being in the wrong place at the wrong time", etc., etc. Hence, the decrease in the level of "moral energy" is also a kind of warning for all those who avoid any physical work - because to them applies this sarcastic saying recently fashionable on the Internet: "already dead just doesn't know it yet" - see . I, of course, do NOT describe all of the above here in order to convince to the return of the customs of old times (although this return will irrevocably come when our civilization completely collapses in 2030s - see the page "2030_uk.htm"), but only to illustrate that wives in those old times did a lot of "moral works" motivated by giving with love, and that it was the "moral energy" generated and pre-programmed for happiness by loving motivations of these works that made them happy. In turn the happiness of wives causes the happiness of their husbands - see . I also know perfectly well that nowadays there are still many areas of life where people can perform their "moral works" without drawing unwanted attention to themselves - e.g. those that I described in my blog #369E. After all, e.g. beaches, parks, roadsides and streams, and all other public places are littered and overgrown with weeds, but everyone waits for the government or the city to employ e.g. "emigrants" (because the locals believe that the life of "unemployed people with depression" is "better" than any job) and will pay these emigrants so that those with "taking" motivations will start cleaning it up. Likewise is with trees. When I was young, cherries, plums, pears, and sometimes even walnuts were planted along almost every Polish road. By now they are extinct and no one is planting new ones. Similarly, trees grew on the banks of rivers, streams, lakes and ponds, purifying the water and providing shelter for fish and crayfish - today they are no longer there. Also a lot of problems today are caused by various disasters, e.g. floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, etc. But with removal of their consequences everyone is waiting for the government to give money so that with the motivation of "taking" some workers could eliminate their effects. But when money disappears e.g. due to corruption, nothing is done. So, due to the "money" and "greed" secretly forced upon us, our civilization has turned into the opposite of what God expects from us. Such a change in turn will have very painful consequences. (2) The second and also verifiable group of confirmations that the lack of "moral energy" in wives is the reason for the current global pandemic of wives depriving husbands of sex and that the life of many married couples is on the basis of strangers' roommates, is the fact that the symptoms of this pandemic are identical in all continents and countries of the world. Regardless of whether it is the USA, UK, Korea, Japan, NZ, etc., wives with "mu" factor smaller than µ=0.3 from all these countries currently behave exactly identically. This means that they all stop being intimate with their husband and live with him only as if they were a stranger-roommate, they show no respect for their husbands, they become aggressive, dictatorial, quarrelsome, pointing out and accusing, they secretly satisfy their needs with male "friends", etc., etc. So in combination with (2a) the ferocity with which everything I publish on the subject of "moral energy", nirvana, replacing money with nirvana, healing depression with moral energy, saving marriages with the generation of moral energy, etc., has been fought and blocked on Earth for almost 30 years, and in connection with (2b) the knowledge about the secret occupation of the Earth by our morally bankrupt relatives from the planets of Orion described in blogs #369E to #359E, it becomes obvious that these parasitic relatives from Orion, who have time vehicles and therefore know the future, desperately prevent humanity from learning the truth about the operation of "moral energy" through, among others, reprogramming wives with commands of technical telepathy and hypnosis that force these wives into exactly such behaviours. It is only such global reprogramming of wives that explains why in all countries of the world the marital pandemic discussed here manifests itself with identical symptoms. If these symptoms were generated by the wives themselves, each of whom has a different personality, life experiences and attitude towards her husband, as well as a continent, culture and living conditions, then this pandemic would manifest itself in a completely different way in each of the wives. (3) The third group of confirmations indicated here are all the still hidden or ignored by governments, by the monopoly of the "official atheistic science", by religions, etc., the huge body of evidence of the currently intense, deliberate, and massive, although carefully hidden, reprogramming of people with technical telepathy and hypnosis (including reprogramming of wives with "mu" factor below µ=0.3). Although I have been describing and publishing this material evidence for a long time, e.g. in blogs #359E to #369E, and illustrating it with photographs in "part #K" of the web page named "petone.htm", yet still cooperating with "powers of evil" our governments, official atheistic science, decision-makers, the Internet, religions, etc., stubbornly refuse their acknowledgement, recognition, and open disclosure of the truth about them. (4) Another group of existing confirmations is the extraordinary durability of telepathic and hypnotic reprogramming of wives for actions that violate the commandments of the Bible. For example, in numerous reports of husbands about their attempts to save the marriage by persuading their wives to return to their previous behaviours or to those consistent with the Bible, it is always emphasized that no matter what the husbands do and explain, the wives stubbornly persist in their newly acquired (i.e. technically programmed by telepathic and hypnotic commands) destructive personalities. This in turn confirms that an advanced technique is used to reprogram wives, higher than known to humanity, means it is NOT just a frequent changes of views typical for women. Moreover, it confirms that what is at stake here is the eradication of faith in God from the Earth, while the tragedies of wives and husbands involved in this war between evil and good are just one of the "collateral damage" consistent with the Polish proverb "where the wood is chopped, chips are flying" (in Polish: "gdzie drwa rąbią tam wióry lecą"). (5) The next group of existing confirmations is the fact of the existence of devices that can secretly and harmfully reprogram humanity with various types of technical telepathy and hypnosis, which, according to all existing circumstantial evidence, our morally fallen relatives from Orion have already flooded our civilisation since the times shown in the scene of the crucifixion of Jesus from Fig. #J1a on the web page "bandits.htm", and are definitely still flooding humanity and the Earth until today. An example of an intelligently behaving "satellite" capable of implementing such telepathic and hypnotic reprogramming may be, among others, the so-called "oumuamua" featured on google and youtube. See what is already known about this alleged "satellite" from the descriptions at or from the videos disseminated by +2024 . Unfortunately, almost no one still has the knowledge and courage to officially explain "how" this object can harm humanity, e.g. through telepathic and hypnotic reprogramming of wives, among others, to deny their husbands intimacy and to practice adultery, thereby accelerating the decay of humanity. It is also worth noting that there may be many devices similar to "oumuamua" that telepathically and hypnotically sabotage humanity, e.g. in Earth's orbit, on the Moon, on nearby planets, and even on the Earth itself (consider what can still be hidden, e.g. in pyramids, or in underground UFO tunnels of the type of those from the Polish Babia Góra - described in blog #298E or in #G3 of the web page "aliens.htm"). In turn almost the only personal defense against them that is possible for us and available right now, is to increase the level of "mu" factor for our "moral energy", as described in {#I2f} below.

See item #I3 on web page "bible.htm": preparing foundations that are consistent with the definition in the Bible, for the principles of operation of the second or subsequent marriage of a previously divorced, widowed, or unwanted wife (or husband). Notice that this building of foundations should implement the most crucial of the pieces of advice given below in {#I2a} to {#I2n}, while almost certainly it will NOT end in success if it does NOT implement the generation of "moral energy" by both partners, as advised in {#I2f} below.

See item #I4 on web page "bible.htm: saving a given marriage when it is clearly at risk of collapse and divorce - e.g. when it was based on the philosophy (2) from sub-item {#I2b} in #I2 and clearly goes astray or leads to divorce, or when the wife has already closed her legs against access by her husband, or when the marriage does NOT experience sexual relations that generate "moral energy" and are based on "giving", or when it has already become a kind of cohabitation of strangers and often mutually hostile roommates, etc., etc. As in both previous life situations, the absolute requirement for the success of this rescue is the implementation of at least the increase of "moral energy" from {#I2f} below. Since in this situation the wife is certainly already reprogrammed telepathically or hypnotically, I would advise the husband, that even without discussing with his wife the reason for working together, to find some method of persuading his wife to do any physical work every day (after all, any work will increase her "moral energy"), e.g. by working with her on some task using muscles that is also important to her (preferably for her children, family, or someone close to her but NOT male, so that it triggers her motivation to "give") and requires putting in significant effort.

Video #I1x (top):
("Emotional Abandonment is the betrayal", 8:15 min)

Video #I1y (middle):
("Are you aware of this surprising emotional killer" - loneliness)

Video #I1z (down):
(this last video reveals the inability of today's women to be happy - as indicated above, due to the chronic deficiency of "moral energy" in their souls, 12:28 min).

Videos #I1xyz - click on the links above to view these videos: Here are examples of videos documenting that women instinctively feel inside a lack of "moral energy" as a kind of "emptiness in their soul", feelinglessness, or "lack of connection with themselves". On the other hand, unfortunately, men do NOT feel at all a lack of moral energy, but can only infer this lack from the state of their personality. Meanwhile, truly "in a devilish way", taking advantage of the fact that, by being also intense physical work, each sexual intercourse generates moral energy for a woman the amount of which according to one of the videos corresponds to the generation of this energy during about 7 hours of exercise in the gym, the "powers of evil" secretly occupying the Earth deviated this truth and forced humanity to the "romantic lie" that women's "emptiness within themselves" is to be filled e.g. by spoiling them with special treatment and e.g. with male submission to them by their husbands or lovers. However the truth is that no one except women themselves can fill this "emptiness in their souls". After all the only way to fill this void in the soul is to perform physical work that generates "moral energy". Unfortunately, nowadays most of women almost do NOT do any physical work. At the same time, the situation of women putting the responsibility for this void onto their husbands leads to adultery, divorces, ruining the marital heritage, loss of reputation, lonely old age, and shame to their descendants. Therefore, this blog #370E, as well as items #I1 to #I4 of the page "bible.htm" indicate in engineering terms of "how" women can effectively fill such a void by volunteering to physical work, preferably in cooperation with their own husbands and while motivated by the "giving" commanded by Jesus (means NOT by "taking" - see blog #365E and #V1 to #V1a from the web page "humanity.htm") and for the good and happiness of other neighbours, which voluntary work will generate for them the necessary amount of "moral energy" pre-programmed into lasting happiness.

#I2. Preparation of mutually accepted, as well as implementation, of "marital covenant" of both future spouses that are to set and to implement the foundations of marriage consistent with the Bible and with their personal characteristics, motivations and life goals in the situation of their first marriage intended to last until death and planned by two young believers in God that actively learn about life, among others, through studying the Bible and personal generation of moral energy:

Motto: "For every first partner and helper in our lives from all long-term relationships existing in our entire world of matter, God always first gives us a partner who is the most suitable and best matches the features of our character, the purpose of the moral lessons that God has assigned us to experience in our current material life, and to the previously unpaid karma that we have left to live through" (the same is the case with partners - this is why NOT only the first wife or first husband turn out to be the best of all we have experienced, but also the best are our first cat, dog, cow, horse and any other partners that we first received in our current lives - notice that when giving us the second and next of such partners, God uses the procedure described in more detail in #6C from subsection I4.1.1 in volume 5 my monograph [1/5] under the name of the moral "law of the partnership ladder", in which procedure this participant of a just fallen relationship, who is guilty of causing the fall, receives a worse partner than his/her previous partner, because according to the principle "deprivation of privileges" described in blog #362E and item #I5 of the web page "bandits.htm", God deprives him/her of the privileges that this someone broke causing a given breakup, in turn the one of the partners who is NOT guilty of the breakup of a previous relationship receives a better partner for his/her current situation than the one from the previous relationship, and moreover, the "privileges" which he/she demonstrated during the breakup are added to him/her by God - if he/she did NOT enjoy them before).

The care, foresight, predictability, and depth with which a given couple will prepare and practically implement in their further married life the foundations of the marital "covenant" suggested by the verses of the Bible and described in {#I2c}, which will set the course for their first marriage in their lives, will probably prove to be the most significant for their future lives. In an engineering manner, I have detailed in the following sub-items {#I2a} to {#I2n} my advice as to the most important steps and actions that could gradually implement this preparation and practical initiation of a common life. But, as the proverb reminds us, "everyone is the architect of his own fate." Also everyone is in a different situation. Therefore, the steps described below are only a summary and reminder of "what and how" could be done. However, it is up to the reader "whether" or "which" of them he/she would consider worth taking in his/her situation. These steps include, among others (note that to shorten the text I continue writing "she" announced in #I1, but actually meaning "both of them"):

{#I2a} Meeting and initial getting to know the candidate for her future spouse. In this step, during occasional conversations, one has opportunity to check discreetly whether there is consensus on the need to base marriage on wise and timeless guidelines from the Bible. In these casual and occasional conversations, special attention should be paid to behavioural and empirical warnings in English called "red flags" that the just met candidate for a wife or candidate for a future husband does NOT meet the basic requirements that the Bible and empiricism indicate as absolutely necessary for building a happy married life.

The most important among these "red flags" include determining whether: our candidate is an atheist or a liar with "narcissistic tendencies", and in the case of women, also a feminist with a high so-called "body count" (see ); her past qualifies her for the so-called "damaged goods" (see ); she tends to be controlling and aggressive like people called "narcissists" (see ); she has NO intention to constantly communicate with her partner on every matter in order to develop a common strategy of conduct with him (whereas where there is a lack of communication, hiding and secrets begin - and their existence is always a sign of betrayal); moreover, whether: money and material goods, as well as the physical aspect of the relationship and the partner's appearance, are his/her most important motivations; comes from a country, culture or religion different from ours. This preliminary discernment of the candidate for a wife also includes empirical checking whether there is mutual agreement on the need for foundations of future life based on the commandments and requirements of the Bible. This check involves a thorough discussion of the partner's attitude towards increasing her knowledge of life truths encoded in the Bible through systematic Bible study, as well as her opinion on voluntarily and jointly with her husband increasing the resources of "moral energy" pre-programmed for bringing pleasure or happiness with purposeful actions described in {#I2f} below. If this knowledge assures us that there are relatively few of these "red flags" (after all, each of us humans is imperfect) and that there is a mutual desire to eliminate their impact in later life, and that there are grounds for voluntary and mutual improvement of ourselves and growth during a given marriage, then one can proceed to the next step.

{#I2b} Discussing with this candidate the two currently existing and drastically opposite philosophies of operation of today's marriages. The goal here is to highlight the advantages and the need to work together to implement a traditional marriage based on the timeless definition from the Bible. The first and oldest of these two philosophies is best reflected by the name (1) the traditional philosophy of implementinh in marriage the observance of the commandments, requirements, and definitions given in correctly translated verses of the Bible inspired by God. One should NOT hide the fact that in one's marriage he/she is a supporter of practicing this first philosophy of marriage, because it is based on "voluntary giving" consistent with the Bible, which generates for both spouses a lot of "moral energy" pre-programmed on giving happiness. Moreover, it should NOT be hidden that the relatively new, extreme and destructive women's movement called "feminism" (see, is intensely opposed to the practice of this traditional philosophy under an excuse (but actually because present women are secretly reprogrammed by "powers of evil") of the false interpretation by feminists of the verse 5:21-33 from "Ephesians" in the Bible that requires the wife (who is specially designed and created by God to fulfill the function of companion and helper of her husband) to show in marriage the subordination to the authority of her husband discussed in {#I2j} below (this subordination in English is intentionally called by the "powers of evil" with the incorrect word "submission" - see submissive+wife ), because it is the husband who is recognized by God as the head of every family (after all, a family cannot have as many as two heads, because no decision would work in it - according to the Chinese proverb "if a boat has two owners, then it will leak", or Japanese "when a ship has two captains, it will land on the rocks"). We should later keep returning many times to an increasingly deeper discussion of this philosophy (1) so that both sides know well what it is and what it practically boils down to (i.e. returning to what I briefly discuss in this #I2). During these later discussions, one should even carefully plan what activities will be carried out together at the beginning as part of generating "moral energy" - see {#I2f}, and then prepare everything for the implementation of these activities in the future. Since the generation of moral energy pre-programmed for marital happiness is the key to a lasting and happy common future, in the entire series of subsequent conversations on this subject, one should definitely make sure that the candidate for a wife is ready to help preventing the effects of a dangerous decline in moral energy "mu" in today's wives below µ=0.3. This is because such preventing would require the wife's participation in performing various voluntary physical works of the type mentioned in {#I2f} below, while simultaneously maintaining the motivation to selflessly and sincerely "give" products of these works to other neighbours (i.e. giving without deriving any material benefits from this giving , but only spiritual benefits such as generation of "moral energy"). The decrease in moral energy in women leads to a huge number of mental and health problems, starting from increasingly stronger mental depression, through medical problems with the heart, blood pressure and everything related to these (see search_query=divorce+consequences ). Therefore, the man's task is NOT only to physically protect his wife from dangers and aggressors, but also from the causes of a rapid decline in moral energy. Both "how" to detect such a rapid decline in moral energy, as well as methods of rebuilding it, are described in numerous my publications. In turn, the second and newest philosophy of marriage, formed by "feminism" starting from around the 1960s, can be called (2) the philosophy of buying and selling marriage services. In this philosophy, the wife "buys" from her husband his earnings (or part of them), house, maintenance, gifts, treatment as she desires, protection from everything that may happen to her, raising her children, etc., in return "paying" for all these with her body (i.e. with marital sexual relations and her intimacy) and with some other services, e.g. cooking. Due to the motivation of "taking" which dominates everything that happens in this philosophy (2), e.g. sexual relations do NOT generate "moral energy" pre-programmed to cause happiness - because in terms of motivation they are very similar e.g. to two-sides "taking" in prostitution. Although this second philosophy has existed historically only very recently, to date it has managed to develop many trends focused on women's bodily pleasure that wives practice in them. Examples of these trends may be these called in English (note that each of these names hides more than the authors of their descriptions decide to explain in publications from the Internet practicing the so-called "political correctness"): hookup culture, Yoni massage, Swedish massage, Female Led Relationship, Submissive Men, Rom Coms, Open Marriage, Polyamory, Tantric Massage, Sex Clubs, and several others. How NOT to be surprised that nowadays some religious activists are beginning to warn that humanity, led by "feminists" (behind whose activity the "powers of evil" are secretly hiding), has become worse than the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. (Notice the shocking truth that, according to the results of my research, these "powers of evil" that mercilessly destroy us, turn out to be "UFOnauts" secretly occupying us to this day, secretly flying to Earth from the planets of Orion, i.e. technically advanced but morally fallen descendants of our ancestors who originally settled us on Earth, and hence to whom the saying "blood from our blood" is still valid to us.) So if the candidate we met shows inclinations to accept work on giving her marriage the features of philosophy (1) based on the Bible, then you can continue to implement further subitems of the procedure below. However, if she shows a tendency to prefer philosophy (2) and is NOT convinced that (1) is better for the fate of marriage, for health and for our soul, and therefore more consistent with the reader's beliefs, then I would advise you to protect yourself from serious problems in the future and from a miserable life in the marriage that slowly is turning into a kind of "vestibule of hell" - by "breaking off" further contacts with her and looking for another candidate for a spouse.

{#I2c} Empirical checking whether it is possible to achieve mutual agreement on the need to create a kind of philosophical foundations of future life together based on God's commandments and requirements given in the Bible, which will then be expressed in the written form of a "covenant". This check consists in thoroughly discussing the attitude of both partners to everything discussed here in #I1 and #I2, with particular emphasis on continuing to expand one's knowledge of the truths of life encoded in Bible verses by undertaking joint study of the Bible (and NOT only fragments regarding marriages) - i.e. NOT only those that I indicate and discuss in this blog #370E and in #I1 to #I4 of the page "biblia.htm") and other sources (e.g. videos from YouTube interpreting problems discussed in the most important verses of the Bible), as well as learning about her opinions about the subsequent voluntary and joint increase of the accumulation of "moral energy" with her husband through purposeful actions described in {#I2f} below. The most urgent in this step, however, is to formulate and conclude as early as possible a voluntary "covenant" written down as a kind of marital document by human laws called "prenup" in English - see prenup . In this voluntary, willful, legally prepared in writing, and mutualy obliging "covenant" of future spouses for the first wedding of two relatively naive young people who believe in God and study the Bible, there should be at least an opinion on "how" a given marriage intends to harmoniously and mutually implement each of the these subitems {#I2a} to (#I2n}. However, it is good to also include in it some important data about the finances and ownership of goods and the achievements of the marriage. The reason for preparing it in writing is that if for some reasons the marriage is distorted in the future, this document of "covenant" will easily allow them to detect this distortion and make mutual efforts to repair it. Moreover, if something begins to break down in the marriage, the person who is responsible for this breakdown may suddenly "lose memory" and deny every previous verbal only agreement. This is because the life shows that the subtractive nature encoded in women's psyche may encourage wives to deny any prior arrangements that were NOT written down and that are NOT in their favour, especially in later times, when after experiencing a decrease in the amount of her moral energy, a given wife will make so much liked by women the review of pedantically accumulated in her memory all the things that she already known are faults of her husband and she will discover that like all people (but NOT recognizing that also like all wives) this husband is an imperfect human who also does NOT show full compliance with her unrealistic dreams, or what even worse, when the wife is tempted by another man because of the so-called emotional infidelity in English called "emotional affair" while described in {#I2i} below. However, if the agreement of opinions exists at a level satisfactory to both parties (real people always have different opinions on every matter), then one can start writing and legally registering the "covenant". After editing and writing it down, one can proceed to the next steps in preparing a traditional marriage.

{#I2d} An in-depth discussion of "why" and "how", as well as discerning the views of the candidate for wife, regarding the Bible-ordered voluntary "submission of wives to the authority of husbands" - see . Nowadays, this is a problem whose resolution already at this stage will prove to be the most important for the future fate of the marriage. After all, most of today's women refuse to acknowledge the fact that men were created by God to be the head of the entire family. Meanwhile, in practice, the man as the head of the family turns out to be the most important element in building the compliance of the planned marriage with the commandments and requirements of the Bible. So if later it turns out that the wife, in a typical women's way, deep down, does not intend to implement this subordination and changes her views after the wedding, then the marriage has a high chance of NOT standing the test of time and ending in divorce, or the husband's life will become a kind of the "vestibule of hell" discussed in item #I4 of the web page "biblia.htm". (Let's remember the old Polish proverb "bad things happen to a house when a cow feeds the bull" - in Polish "źle dzieje się domowi, gdzie krowa przybodzie bykowi".) In order to resolve this key issue, I would advise you to start by jointly and carefully viewing the English-language videos about the so-called "submission of wives' bodies to the authority of husbands" - in English usually entitled: "submission of women to their husbands" (and also videos in your own language - if such can be found). Then, an in-depth discussion needs to be undertaken to make sure that both husband and wife agree in their views regarding the engineering "why" and "how" of this matter.

{#I2e} Engagement. If the above postulates are accepted by the future wife, she can be offered an engagement ring. His acceptance is to begin the engagement period, which is traditionally expected to last about one year. This period can be used for mutually undertaken practice of implementing the legally binding guidelines for both of them, written down in {#I2c}, as to the principles that both spouses will unanimously follow in their future cohabitation. After all, these rules will probably be new for both of them, and no one is born with the knowledge of how to apply something completely new. It is worth emphasizing here, however, that a given couple who believes in God should NOT start their sexual relations at least until the engagement has been accepted by the future wife. But if the future wife is still a virgin, which should still be a strict rule for couples who believe in God, then it is best if the first, i.e. the most important for both of them in their entire lives, sexual intercourse traditionally took place on their wedding night. Virginity, as well as the circumstances of its "consummation", are the most important matters in the life of every woman. For example, since ancient times it has been known that a woman retains in her ovaries (ovule) fragments of the DNA from each partner with whom she had sexual intercourse. These preserved DNA fragments mean that a child born by a woman who had intercourse with more than one sexual partner (i.e. has a so-called "body count") is NOT entirely the child of the "father" who fathered it, but the child of all men with with whom this woman had sex. When knowing this, which husband will willingly be wishing to "co-father" his own child? Unfortunately, this ancient knowledge was cleverly blocked in the 1970s, along with other truths that I could freely learn in times of my youth - e.g. with the knowledge that there are "rays of cold" and how they work (see their descriptions linked from my web page "skorowidz.htm"), "telepathy" which I described on the web page "telepathy.htm" - the operation of which was utilised already in 132 AD in a more perfect than the present the ancient so-called the "Zhang Heng seismograph" described in web page "seismograph.htm", or "remote hypnotizing", e.g. during "possession" of people by UFOnauts penetrating someone's bodies - see blog #363E or #M1 to #M4 of the web page "evil.htm". After all, since the beginning of the 1970s, the most important truths began to be fiercely blocked, criticized and denied by the corrupt monopoly of the "official atheistic science" secretly ruled by our relatives from the planets of Orion who occupy us for millenia. Fortunately, there is God who promised in the Bible (e.g. see "Luke" 12:2-3 and 8:17, or "Matthew" 10:26-28) that no truth will be hidden from us, only that we must look for it between the lies of God's enemies who try to deceive us. As a result, both I and supporters of truth like me are doing everything in our power to make the knowledge of these truths available to everyone again - e.g. see 11:19 and 4:44 minute videos titled "Women retain the DNA of everyone man they have sex with" and "Women retain DNA of all sexual partners" disseminated at and . In turn, my publications on the modification of the software of a woman's ovaries by the sperm of each of her sexual partners, I made available e.g. in blogs #342E and #365E, and in publications linked in there - e.g. in {7} of the web page "evil.htm" or {7d} from #V2 of the page "humanity.htm". Since the engagement is also a spiritual event known and checked by God as well as by human tradition, it is from this moment that it is worth starting the observance of biblical definition of marriage by both parties, especially that from the verse 7:3-5 of "1 Corinthians". This observance requires increasing one's knowledge of the Bible continued at all times. Nowadays, however, it is becoming easier and easier, because there is a growing number of videos available on YouTube discussing marriage through interpretations of the words of the Bible, and more and more people have phones with the Internet, computers, and even the so-called smart TVs. All these devices in turn allow to search for and view such videos with pleasure by searching for them with the right keywords, e.g.: submissive wife . Examples of videos for the issues discussed here, available in English in April 2024, may be: ("God's Design" biblical role of woman as wife, approx. 12:15 minutes), ("You should fire your wife", approx. 4 minutes), ("There is only one reason mariages fail", approx. 8 minutes), or ("Why I decided to initiate sex every day for 4 weeks", approx. 9 minutes ). It is worth adding here that the latest research, the results of which are already widely disseminated on the Internet, state that nowadays young married couples have on average three sexual intercourses a week - so it is best for the couple to make an agreement that all of them will be initiated by the wife. After all, the lack of initiation of relations by the wife, additionally increased by the typically incorrect interpretation of the wife's mood by the husband who is confused by her female behaviour, usually over time becomes a source of numerous problems - if they are NOT eliminated in harmony, e.g. by such a mutual agreement implemented from the day of the engagement or wedding.

{#I2f} Practical undertaking of previously planned and then systematically repeated joint "moral works" of voluntary "giving" that generate "moral energy" pre-programmed with motivations to induce the feeling of happiness. The day of the week chosen to perform these works should be a day free from other obligations of both of them, and should be mutually recognized as a "day without multimedia", i.e. a day during which one does NOT watch TV (even the news), does NOT open a computer, while the use of phones are limited to the absolutely necessary minimum (e.g. to call the person to whom you are taking the product of your volunteer work, e.g. to say "we are on our way and we will be there around 5 p.m.", while in case of answering the phone calls, to apologize "sorry, but I'm in the middle of something urgent - so let me call you tomorrow"). Such deliberate observance of the "day without multimedia" helps to prevent falling into the addiction of using them, which nowadays is becoming a nightmare for most people who forget that all multimedia are only "tools" intended to help, and NOT hinder, in our real lives. Moreover, it helps to revitalize family bonds. Since all works undertaken as part of this increase of "moral energy" meet the biblical definition of a "good deed", the day of their completion may also be, for example, Saturday. Whatever you choose to do your "moral work" should be NOT conspicuous to other people, and to look, or be done, in accordance with prevailing trends or traditions - e.g. in the morning going for a walk on the beach, river bank, or rarely frequented part of the park with an opaque garbage bag and rubber gloves to protect your hands and pick up there and then ecologically dispose of all the garbage you encounter, or fill a pothole in a rarely used road through the wilderness, or clear snow from the entrance to the house of a physically incapacitated friend or relative or a single mother with a child or someone completely unknown to us, etc. Around the evening, visiting someone, e.g. an older and lonely aunt or a friend of our parents on some occasion or anniversary known to her and us, combined with bringing her a cake or a cake that we previously as the couple personally baked it and then ate it together with her, at the same time offering her something the young couple had brought that they believe the visited person had NOT tried before, e.g. black fermented Chinese tea, mango juice, durian ice cream, or even the ancient liqueur "Dom" of the Dominicans - which, due to its health benefits, is used for healing purposes in south-east Asia. It is also a good idea to read in advance about what you are bringing with you, so that you have something to tell the person(s) you are visiting and take his/her mind off of everyday problems. Since this day should be about "giving" and NOT "taking", everything you need should be prepared in advance and taken with you - even paper plates for cake and cups for drinking (in case they are missing on site). Because "the devil does NOT sleep" and always tries to spoil every good deed, at the end of the day you should discuss with your partner what did NOT work out that day as expected and then consider how this type of activities can be organized better in the future. When implementing your moral work, you should remember that nowadays men naturally do a lot of physical work. Therefore, their joint organization and implementation discussed here is extremely important. Thus, it should emphasize the fullest possible acquisition of the habit of doing them by the woman. However, DO NOT cause to her an overload of responsibilities so as NOT to break down the morally or physically delicate nature of women. After all, today's women living in cities are NOT used to doing physical work. At the same time, supplementing the dissipation of moral energy resources only with voluntary "giving" sexual intercourse is NOT enough to constantly replenish and increase the losses of the amount of this energy - and thus to make wives feel family happiness and satisfaction with their lives. After all, for example, typically performed by current wives, opening several cans and heating their contents on gas to prepare a meal for today's husband, or sitting at work at the computer or telephone, does NOT create the required amount of physical effort to replenish women's daily dissipated amounts of this energy. Therefore, the first and most important action of every couple is to organize and practically implement some way of increasing the amount of moral energy in both spouses, especially in the wives. I believe that the best way to do this would be to have and jointly cultivate your own and safely located garden (e.g. allotment garden) with the pre-adopted and systematically implemented goal that about 90% of the products of this garden will be distributed honestly and without regrets and completely free of charge to those complete strangers (means not only to our own family) who chronically lack these products (however, in order NOT to make them dependent on you or encourage them to be lazy, you have to change the recipients from time to time and to choose every year different such candidates for your "giving"), especially those who visibly will be grateful to donors for receiving them. For example, the author of this blog #370E has a garden next to his apartment, and every year he carefully tries to plant and nurture sought-after fruit trees (peaches, grapes, and recently also walnuts) to the final planting size, which after growing for about two years he gives away for free along with the offer of planting them personally for someone, to those garden owners from the town of Petone, whose visual discernment allows to recognize them as the most needy for such seedlings. The author also allows birds to eat most of the fruits growing in his garden or gives them to other people. Other city residents who do NOT have their own garden can probably rent one or buy one in some place that is safe even for women working there alone. Another possibility is to undertake some production that is needed by many elderly, disabled, or people without resources, for example the one described in the above-mentioned "Problem 1" from item #D2 of the web page "nirvana.htm". The personal generation of "moral energy" is greatly needed by today's women, hence organizing it as quickly as possible with the aim of serving for the good of future wife, should have one of the highest priorities. In order to increase the marital bond while implementing it, it is advisable for the husband to also increase his energy as often as he can by physically working together with his wife on the same final product intended for altruistic distribution.

{#I2g} Selecting or preparing words expressing a wedding oath in English called "vows". This oath is extremely important because although today's people manipulate its content, God demands that the essence of the above-mentioned Bible verses be included in them, i.e.: 7:3-5 from "1 Corinthians", 5:21-33 from Ephesians, 3:1-7 from "1 Peter", 9:9 from "Kohelet or Ecclesiastes", and 2:18-20 from "The Book of Genesis". After all, the future wife swears the God-given to her the role as her husband's companion and helper and the creator for her husband an atmosphere of respect, peace, love, truth, trust, help, and actual recognition of him as the head of the family with authority over her body, in turn the future husband swears the same recognizing his wife's authority over his body and her role as his companion and helper. Meanwhile, in many religious and secular institutions, this oath has been distorted and deprived of the most important details consistent with the Bible. Hence, for the wedding and taking the oath, one should choose an institution that has all the traditional components contained in the Bible, and if it is NOT found, then one must demand that in the institution chosen for the wedding the vaws be taken according to the words that the newlyweds formulate for themselves and that contain all this key information from the Bible - which is becoming an increasingly common trend nowadays.

{#I2h} Wedding and honeymoon. It is important to organize it in a way that creates a very pleasant romantic memory for both partners, but in today's life realities it is as modest and economical as possible - after all, it is important to spend the funds on improving the future life of the young couple rather than, for example, on getting drunk and feeding numerous friends and family members.

{#I2i} Solution to the growing problem of "emotional betrayals" (see caused by these alleged "platonic friends" of the opposite sex in English by wives called "just friends" ( see - who in practice almost never turn out to be "platonic"). According to the latest research, these "friends" are the source of most divorces, and moreover, they often turn the husband's marriage into a kind of constant danger, a source of suspicion and the entrance to hell. Therefore, more and more researchers recommend that in Bible-based marriages all "unmarried friends" of the opposite sex should be eliminated by both spouses from any further contacts (including deleting their contacts from their cell phones, which should also be available for viewing by both spouses at all times, because it has been known for centuries that "opportunity makes a thief", and "the master's eye fattens the horse" - this is where the famous wisdom "believe people, but take money as collateral" by Lenin himself comes from) - for more details, see YT videos and their comments, which in May 2024 were available e.g. at: ("Married women can't have male friends", 11:20 minutes), com/watch?v=gE4tDLm-HwM ("Just friends", approx. 5 minutes), ("Why opposite sex friends may be dangerous", approx. 7 minutes), or ("Cheating one time thing", approx. 7 minutes). Notice that there are a lot of these videos, because nowadays there are more and more alleged "platonic friends", and by sending secret text messages and constantly hanging around today's wives who fiercely fight for the rights to have them, they create more and more problems and divorces, as well as losses of reputation by the wives and shame and disappointment for the children who, over time, discover that the "father" is NOT their father at all - just like in this song "Trini Lopez - Scandale Dans La Famille", which was funny in the 1960s, but is now painfully real: https:/ / (2:20 minutes). Moreover, more and more divorces reveal that they are the emotional and often sexual sources of a large proportion of today's divorces. This is why laws are starting to introduce mandatory paternity testing when awarding child support. So although the growing infidelity of wives and current laws allow their irresponsible behaviour to be tolerated for now, my personal opinion is that both participants in a marriage that meets the definition from the Bible should voluntarily stop all private contacts with unmarried people of the opposite sex (unless always they both, husband and wife, participate in the increasingly rare such contacts and contacts never take place without the knowledge and consent of both spouses). After all, trust is easy to lose and then extremely difficult to regain. In turn, professional working conditions should be such that unwitnessed contacts of this type are necessarily eliminated - e.g. during professional conversations, the door should always be left open for inspection by all passers-by (as university lecturers have long been obliged to do). Moreover, in my opinion, human legislation should follow the example of the Philippines and burden such "friends" with financial responsibility for the consequences of what may result from their succumbing to temptations (e.g. if after a divorce alimony has to be paid and they do NOT prove their innocence, it is them and NOT husband should pay alimony).

{#I2j} Practical development of the most convenient procedures for a given marriage of what the Bible calls "submission of wives' bodies to the authority of husbands", while on today's Internet they deceptively call in English: "submission of women to their husbands", and what has already been briefly discussed in subsection {#I2d} above. For this purpose, it is best to watch videos on the Internet about wives' voluntary submission to their husband's authority, and then try to implement the best advice from these videos. And there are more and more of these videos and they are better and better developed - for examples see ("What it means submit to your husband", 8:41 minutes), https:/ / ("How to be a submissive wife", 5:50 minutes), ("15 practical ways to submit to your husband", 12:41 minutes).

{#I2k} Preventing the initiation of the so-called marital emotional infidelity, also known as "emotional affair". There are many situations in life when marital consent and love are suddenly disturbed by someone's parasitic behaviour. An example here may be the temporary separation of a marriage because one of the partners goes on a several-month contract to a distant town or country, or a child is born, which causes a huge number of new responsibilities while at the same time lulling rational thinking due to lack of sleep caused by the child. Videos from YT provide good information about such situations: ("The 6 stages of emotional affairs", 9:13 minutes), com/watch?v=868diRya6Vc ("6 triggers that cause emotional affairs", 10:52 minutes), ("Stages of an emotional affair", 10:06 minutes), or ("Women: don't be ignorant", 6:34 minutes). We must remember that if a marriage does NOT prevent such "emotional infidelity", which always innocently begins with some conversation, then it quickly leads to an "emotional divorce" (i.e. a marriage without sex), and then to an "expensive legal divorce" - see "The emotional divorce happens first" from (9:38 minutes).

{#I2l} Learning and practicing the biblical roles of both parents in raising children. Nothing has a worse impact on someone's future than a child growing up "without a father". Due to the father's lack of example and the lack of his strict fatherly upbringing methods, the child grows into the previously discussed "damaged goods" - e.g. see the 14:17 minute video at the address "Pumped by chad and damaged forever". Therefore, after the birth of children, a woman must remember that her husband is the head of the family also in matters of raising children, and she is just his companion and helper. Therefore, a wife must NOT question her husband's decisions in the presence of her children - even if she does not agree with them (which women do too often). We must also remember that God, who created us and knows us better than all the wise men of humanity put together, orders in the verses of the Bible "corporal punishment" of children, regardless of what laws for such punishment have been adopted by the parliaments of today's humanity governed by the "powers of evil" - just as on the example of the so-called "anti-smacking law", karma for which is already currently devastating the security of every country, several years earlier the parliament of which imprudently and short-sightedly established some anti-smacking laws, as I explain it in more detail in #B5.1 and #G4 of the web page "will.htm".

{#I2m} Gradual recognition and carried out exclusively within the marriage, the mutual healing of the symptoms of being a "damaged good" that each person exhibits to some extent. After all, the Bible repeatedly emphasizes that each of us is imperfect (e.g. see Bible 3:23-24 Romans, 51:5 Psalms, 2:1-5 Ephesians, 5:8 Romans). In turn, psychiatrists and psychologists have invented so many different illnesses that, according to them, nowadays there is NOT even a single "healthy person". In a marriage based on the definition of the Bible, it is necessary to understand and accept in advance that both the husband and the wife, just like every other real person on Earth (including the author of this presentation of the results of his research), have and carry within themselves various imperfections, which, for spiritual growth, must be identified and tried to be eliminated, and if this is NOT possible, then one must learn to tolerate them, and for the most destructive of them, find ways to prevent their manifestation (as in this procedure I indicate it in {#I2b}, {#I2f}, {#I2i}, or {#I2j} ). This need to be treated or tolerated is well expressed by the English proverb "what cannot be cured must be endured". In this marital and mutual recognition and healing of the symptoms of being a "damaged good", several rules and requirements should be applied, the most important of which include: (1) doing it without the participation of anyone other than the husband and wife, i.e. without the participation of, for example, paid so-called "experts", psychologists, doctors, etc. (the reasons for avoiding experts are explained at the beginning of #I4 and #I3 from the web page "biblia.htm"), (2) remembering that all symptoms of being a "damaged good" are actually "illnesses of the soul" which are never treated with "pills" from the pharmacy, but for their treatment is used of honest conversations, review of memory, understanding and forgiveness of the actions of ancestors or neighbours as ordered by the Bible, and the generation of intelligent "moral energy" appropriately pre-programmed with our motivations with which we generate this energy (after all our motivations, when generating this intelligent energy, program it into the type of task its subsequent passage is to accomplish), and (3) during conversations that heal it, the carrier of a given "illness of soul" must be somehow directed to discover in his memory and life history what event, tragedy, experience , etc., a given "illness of the soul" has arisen, and then, together with the spouse, finding an explanation, forgiveness, and justification of the innocence of those who caused it (usually the parents of a given person). If the symptoms persist, these (3) must be repeated until they reach the true roots of a given "illness of the soul" and neutralize their harmfulness with justification. Regardless of improving the characters of the spouses, treating these "illnesses of the soul" increases the mutual communication skills of both spouses, which is extremely important for the good of every marriage.

{#I2n} Together with wife, increasing throughout my life the correct knowledge about marriage, women, men, wives and husbands, timeless truths, human features and qualities, etc., but obtaining this knowledge NOT from the subordinated to the "powers of evil" and therefore lying to humanity the "official atheistic science", but through reading the Bible, learning proverbs, sayings, experiences of one's ancestors, and life wisdom inspired by God and collected, e.g. in proverbs, through lasting millennia observation and condensed expression of truths about real life. Examples of such proverbs include the Japanese repeated in the 7:06 minute video "100 Japanese proverbs" at, e.g. stating "beat your wife on the wedding day, and your married life will be happy") from 7:06 minutes of this video, or stating "all married women are NOT wives" from 6:50 minutes of the video. Proverbs of this type make us realize that almost all women voluntarily do NOT intend to submit to their husband's authority, hence special procedures or situations are necessary to overcome their recalcitrance, as in the case of an unridden wild horse. A similar meaning has a Chinese proverb discussed in blog #211E and item #B2 of my web page "antichrist.htm" and stating "bad husbands always have good wives, while good husbands always have bad wives" (typically due to the enforcement or lack of control over these wives by male authority of the actual head of the family). It is worth adding here that nowadays wives are still "ridden" like wild horses, but by life, NOT by their husbands - because if they do NOT submit to their husband, then after divorce, which is becoming more and more frequent these days, they will spend a long and bitter old age alone, full of remorse and illnesses.

To the above {#I2a} to {#I2n} it is worth adding that women and some wives do NOT stop in their efforts to invent new ways to "subtract" everything that supports the biblical role of the husband as the head of the family. Therefore, the husband should never, from the very beginning of his relationship, allow any woman, especially his wife, to question his authority and thus confirm his lack of respect and atheistic tendencies. There are many wise publications on this subject on the Internet, an example of which could be the 3:35-minute video "7 things a man should never tolerate from a woman" from the address: . Personally, I really feel sorry for women, because they are the biggest enemies who harm themselves. In a situation when the existence of God is unquestionably proven scientifically (see the web page "god_proof.htm" - but the dissemination of knowledge about this undeniable evidence is fiercely blocked), the Bible is quite clear what will happen to those people who do NOT pass the "exam in morality" which important exam deciding about our ethernity the present life os us in the "world of matter" actually is.

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#369E, 2024/3/15 - let us improve our fate and life by improving our morality to the one commanded by God in the Bible, which softens the behaviour of nature and inanimate objects that always copy the resultant morality of people who live at their mercy (#N1 to #N3 of "newzealand_visit.htm")
#368E, 2024/2/21 - historical examples of a "creator", and then a "destroyer" with the features of the second Genghis Khan, announcing to humanity the coming of pains of completion the Tytler Cycle to return to the era of truth and moral growth (#F1 to #F5 of "pigs.htm")
#367E, 2024/1/21 - seven superior phenomena of the counter-world the existence of which monopoly of the official atheistic science neither recognize nor research to the detriment of humanity (#G1 to #G1a from "artefact.htm")
#366E, 2023/12/24 - "evaporation of the WTC by UFOs" and "what is truth" by UFOnaut Pontius Pilate, contrast method, calculating the probability of truth, examples of truth and untruth (#D1 to #D1a of "wtc.htm")
#365E, 2023/11/20 - hidden invasion of UFOnauts on the institution of marriage, requirements of the defence strategy, symbolism of the baobab flower (#V1 to #V1a of "humanity.htm")
#364E, 2023/10/21 - evidence for a hidden invasion of UFOnauts-giants on Petone in NZ (#K5 to #K5e from "petone.htm")
#363E, 2023/9/21 - "how" people are possessed by material UFOnauts from Orion through synchronising minds by technical telepathy after telekinetic entering to their bodies (#M1 to #M4 of "evil.htm")
#362E, 2023/8/21 - the method of "depriving privileges" for reforming the human justice system, and four-propulsor UFOs hijacking our planes and ships (#I1 to #I6 from "bandits.htm")
#361E, 2023/7/21 - the dissemination of truth in the role of defence against raids by invisible UFOnauts on our flats (#L2 to #L3a of "evil.htm")
#360E, 2023/6/21 - my Magnocraft as a source of keys to knowledge and truth developed on Earth (#D1 to #D1cd from "military_magnocraft.htm")
#359E, 2023/5/21 - secret "sabotage loop" from microprocessors in our PCs (#J3 to #J3a from "faq.htm")
#358E, 2023/4/1 - how warnings with phenomena of epigenetic inheritance of trauma are defined by God's promises, encoding of details, self-regulation mechanisms, canon of ambiguity, consequences of unpleasant form, etc. (#F13 to #F13ab from "soul_proof.htm")
#353E, 2022/11/1 - confirmation that the Internet is the carrier of the biblical numbers 666 (#H4 to #H4b from "will.htm")
#351E, 2022/8/27 - intelligent features of the laws of nature and those governing the solution of people's problems (#C9 to #C9a from "nirvana.htm")
#347E, 2022/6/1 - footprints of female UFOnaut with 3 toes and about 80 cm tall melted in asphalt of NZ footpath (#K1 from "petone.htm")
#346E, 2022/5/18 - how the Bible places "[Ω] Stamp of God" to correct the distortions of human official science (#I5 of "1985_theory_of_everything.htm")
#345E, 2022/3/21 - my discovery from February 2022 that it was God (i.e. NOT "nature") who created "elapse of time" (#I1 to #I4 from "1985_theory_of_everything.htm")
#343E, 2022/1/27 - the role of "what" God and "how" of people in the implementation of the ideal "Nirvana Political System" (#C8 to #C8bc from "nirvana.htm")
#335E, 2021/5/25 - let's replace money with the happiness of earned nirvana explained by our video so that all the evil and greed that destroys humanity and the Earth will turn into the growth and prosperity of every person (#L1 to #L7 from "smart_tvs.htm")
#328E, 2020/10/1 - "earned nirvana" and the "Nirvana Political System" eliminating money (#C7 from "nirvana.htm")
#326E, 2020/9/1 - the existence of subtracting female and adding male versions of "God Drobinas", i.e. "drobinas of counter-matter" described by the Kabbalah from book of Zohar and confirmed by all other categories of evidence, and used by God as patterns in the creation of man and woman (#K2 from "god_exists.htm ")
#325E, 2020/8/1 - features, appearance, structure and operation of male versions of "drobinas of counter-matter", which at the same time constitute "God Drobinas" (#K1 from "god_exists.htm")
#318E, 2020/1/4 - depression and its treatment postulated by the conclusions resulting from my research of "totaliztic nirvana" lasting approximately 9 months which I personally experienced during my professorship in Borneo and by the premises of my scientific Theory of Everything from 1985 (#C6 and #D3 from "nirvana.htm")
#312E, 2019/7/17 - my subjective evidence which empirically confirms to me the old folk theorems that time passes faster and faster in older people (#L3 from "oscillatory_chamber.htm")
#299E, 2018/7/1 - what and why the biblical Elijah made available to humanity under the name Kabbalah and its Tree of Life (#J5 from "petone.htm")
#298E, 2018/4/27 - if you are on Babia Góra, Poland, look out for everything unusual, and maybe something will point you to a "rock" that hides a "gate" to UFO tunnels with treasures accumulated in there for centuries (#G3 from "aliens.htm")
#228E, 2013/1/1 - formal scientific evidence regarding God, soul, creation of people, another world, etc. - which provide us with solid foundations for entire life (#G3 and #G4 from "god_proof.htm")
#211E, 2011/11/30 - to most effectively "pursue of knowledge", God created people as imperfect as possible (#B2 from "antichrist.htm")
#203E, 2011/7/15 - problems with the "marriage monopoly" in the Christian tradition of only one wife - as the opposite of the advantages of the legal "polygamy" approved in the Bible (#J2.2.2 from "morals.htm")
#135E, 2007/9/30 - formal scientific proof of totalizm that "God exists", formulated in accordance with the principles of mathematical logic (#B3 from "god.htm")

Let totalizm prevail,
Dr Eng. Jan Pająk


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Streszczenie: Chociaż podobnie jak każdy z ludzi, także i autor niniejszego wpisu #362 do blogów totalizmu jest tylko niedoskonałą i omylną osobą, która jak my wszyscy w swym życiu też popełnia błędy, ciągle wymową ogromnego materiału dowodowego jakie jego badania ujawniły, ma obowiązek aby ostrzegać: ludzkość i Ziemia przez tysiąclecia są skrycie okupowani i eksploatowani przez aż szereg ras naszych kosmicznych krewniaków technicznie bardziej od nas zaawansowanych jednak moralnie zupełnie już upadłych. Dlatego poniższe punkty #I1 do #I5 tego wpisu #362 prezentują opisy wyglądu, cech, możliwości, oraz potwierdzającego materiału dowodowego, które ujawniają nam największą konspirację w dziejach ludzkości jaka zmyślnie ukrywa przed ludźmi operowanie na Ziemi nawet tak głośnych i tak spektakularnych gwiazdolotów tych naszych krewniaków z planet Oriona, jakie są już trzecią z kolei z najważniejszych konstrukcji technicznie wysoko zaawansowanych gwiazdolotów od ponad 50 lat postulowanych mo

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